What is this on my peach tree?

What is this and what should I do about it?


That is ‘Black Knot disease’, I have never heard of it infecting a peach tree yet it’s not impossible, that is a nasty disease it killed one of my disease resistant plums, cutting off the parts of the tree with it and inches beyond that is all that might help, yet even that did not save my plum tree Black Knot Disease: Symptoms, Treatment and Control | Planet Natural

By the time ‘that it’s that obvious that something is wrong’ ‘it’s long after the first signs that something is wrong’.

I never seem to get borers in the trunk as i think the nematodes handle them but every once in a while on a up high branch i get borers and it sort of looks like that with the sap flowing but maybe not the darkness but certainly red and when i cut them out i find a worm

Is that black knot or canker? I thought black knot looks more like hanging poop.


Not always, it depends, also a part of me is wondering if there might be a mix of black knot and canker in the photos, it does not seem to me like all of it is the same thing. I wonder if the damage the borers do could help cause black knot.

I think you’re right. Some of the stuff on the far right on the third picture looks like black knot.

That is what I noticed when I was thinking black knot, also I could not picture canker looking that dark. Then I noticed that it does not all look the same.

Our plum and our two peach trees all were attacked by the Peachtree borer luckily they were not attacked as aggressively as this tree was, yet the ‘not black knot’ still looks a lot like what happened to our plum tree and peach trees.

I would get rid of the tree.


It is probably not what you want to hear. But i think the same. Probably best to get rid of it. Either burn the wood. Or put it in the trash.

Don’t prune of branches and trow them on the compost or in the hedge. That way your keeping the diseases alive and near your other or new tree’s.

Thank you all for the advice and comments. Is it ok to wait until after bloom to cut it down? I love to see those pretty blooms.

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Of course it is…it’s YOUR tree. :slightly_smiling_face:

That being said…I would also remove it. Peach trees are fast growing and not worth fretting over too much…but it’s always a bummer when you have to get rid of one…especially if it has been in the ground for a few years.


id cut it now. if you allow the tree to wake up. the diseases will start to spore out and maybe infect other trees. make sure you disinfect any tools used to cut it down also.


Burn or bury the infected wood after removal.

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Looks like the evil Black Knot. It killed all five of my various plum trees over a four year period.
You can cut the branches out & burn em but it will return and eventually get the main trunk; then you are done.

+1 on disinfecting your tools!

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I’m not sure that is black knot. It is not really black for one. I would cut into one of the protrusions with a knife, black knot will be greenish (more dark green than the bark) inside the protruded areas. If it looks like like regular wood in those protrusions it is not black knot, it is probably some physical injury like borers.