What is this on my Pluot?


First year after planting bare root in Winter, Brown mottling and holes in leaves. Doesn’t seem to be insect related. I had a few aphids around but the neem spray seemed to take care of that. Noticed this after not checking in on the tree for a week or so. We’ve been having somewhat wet weather so I’m wondering if it’s related to that but doesn’t seem to look like the major plum diseases I’ve read about… Are you able to identify it?


I’d be curious as well, some of my pluot leaves have looked like that the past 2 years.


Doesn’t happen on mine in a dry climate. So it’s likely bacterial or fungal related to wet weather.


Maybe shot hole fungus?


Yes that looks like shot-hole to me… Many of the pluots are highly susceptible to it. Shot-hole is usually bacterial spot in the east and in the west I think it may more often be coryneum blight - ? The treatment is similar.


Thank you, I hadn’t been able to find much detail on pluot specifically, so was looking at plum. Some of the photos i’d seen on plum for shot hole had much larger, less crowded looks to them but it was the one that seemed most likely.

When you say similar treatment, you mean dormant sprays? What about now after leaf out? Also is neem an effective fungicide?


Shot-hole can look very different depending on weather conditions. It is treated with early spring sprays, starting with delayed dormant. Also a fall copper spray at leaf fall is helpful. Neem is not effective for shot-hole. You can spray copper up to shuck split, or chlorothalonil. After shuck split just wait til the fall to spray.