What is this on my white peach?

These fruit are from a Georgia bell tree. The tree produced loads of peaches. But some of peaches have this. I noticed some of the fruits have patch of yellow/brown discoloration since the fruit were very small, they eventually developed into this.

I have other three yellow peach tree nearby, none of them has this. I tried to google it, didn’t find anything.

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I had a similarly looking problem on my white peaches (Strawberry Free), which ripened in late June in CA. I think this may be caused by one of the pathogens associated with Ripe Fruit Rot, http://www.ipm.ucdavis.edu/PMG/r602100211.html. In my case, I suspect that this problem may be related to the peaches being attacked by earwigs.

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I have Ripe Fruit Rot on my peaches too. I let them stay on the tree too long

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Stan & IL 847,

Looked at your pictures, I have that on my other peach trees. But I don’t think what I had on these white peaches is the same as yours.

The brown patch on the peach is dry and hard. It’s more like scar tissue than rot.

Hope some experts can tell me what it is.

Sara, can you cut the peach across that area and make a photo showing how it looks inside?

Here they are:

It looks like it may be a manifestation of peach scab, or some similar pathogen. Here for example is a picture from Cornell:

What is unusual is peach scab seems to be spotted and your disease is not spotted, but the cracking is common with scab.

This definitely looks different than what I had on my peaches. In my case, the rot spread into the inner part of the fruit, while the scarring on your peaches seems to be limited to the surface.

I looked up scab before I posted, also noticed the spot. Mine was never spotted. It started as a solid patch of discoloration when the fruit was very small, eventually became this.

What’s interesting is this only happen to this white peach tree, the other yellow peach tree nearby does not have this.

Besides the spots or not it is pretty much the same thing. So its either peach scab or a related disease, and I would treat it like peach scab and it will probably not recur next year. Scab is highly variety-sensitive, I have trees side by side that are worlds apart w.r.t. scab damage.