What is this white stuff on my apple tree that just came?

I have no expertise here, but if it’s mold, I’d say maybe a quick dilute bleach solution and wipe it off with a towel, then see if it has any green. If it’s dead on those branches maybe prune down to live wood?

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Is it chalky and superficial that you can scrape gently away with your nail?

Maybe it’s just some residue leftover from some liquid solution that since evaporated.

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Tree? Some of my scion have had that fuzz, others not. I guess depends on cultivar or growing condition. They all were fine.


Apples can have a waxy coating. I can’t tell for sure but that may be just that normal wax.


I could scrape it easily with my nail.

I’m no expert at all, but I’m pretty sure that’s normal on young shoots. I forget what it’s called tho