What is this Wild Berry?

I came across these beautiful raspberry like fruits on a shady trail close to the beach. Anyone know if you can do anything with them?


That beach would be in Florida? Alaska?

Look like unripe wineberries to me. Tasty, invasive though.


Wineberry, a type of raspberry.


Virginia, I guess I should have specified that.

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Do they need to be dark like regular raspberries?

They should turn a vivid red color.


Without looking at the bush I would also vote for wineberry, the hairy base from where the fruit grows does looks like that. They produce dense thickets that displace other plants.

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Looks exactly like wineberry which grows prolifically in SW VA. They love shade.

I didn’t know they also grew by the beach.

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I tasted one and they were definitely not ripe, but still not bad.

Maybe only in sheltered locations? This was almost completely shaded on a trail. It was an awesome find. There are a few other things in the area also like a few very old fig trees, blackberries, and pawpaws.


I’ve not been to the beachside in VA. In SW VA, they will typically grow under trees, along the wood’s edge. I have cut down trees where wineberries patches situate yet they still do fine, if not better in full sun. My summer temps are milder than the state avg.

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Wineberries like sun, shade, whatever… Very invasive here, they pop up everywhere. I do keep a short row of them growing and try to “tame” them though. Because the berries are the most intensely flavored of any caneberry I’ve ever eaten.


Yep, wineberries. Grow like crazy in the shade here in the Shenandoah Valley Virginia.

Wineberries- they are very tasty and you can eat them fresh, make a jelly or do anything that you would do with a raspberry.

They grow true to seed and are a favorite of fruit eating birds… which makes them ‘invasive’ to humans but just another food source for birds which on my farm they would rather eat them and wild black rasps and wild blackberries than my cultivars.

If you are a member of the fruit growing groups o FB u will notice that many many folks are being sold wineberries… there is a conspiracy of some sort going on somewhere.

My personal experience-
Aldi- Heritage Raspberries were in fact Wineberries.
Walmart- Royalty Raspberries were Wineberries.
Rural King- Fall Gold were Wineberries.
Local Ag Store- Boysenberries were Wineberries.

These were all sold in cardboard shells with white plastic bags and the roots in sawdust or similar.

My guess is that some outfit is buying these from China or somewhere and they have no idea what is going on.

Its more than a coincidence at this point.


Wild patch is ripening now.


GPS location NOW!!!


Plant a singular one and it will look like that in a few years.



I live in Western North Carolina not far from SW VA. We have Wineberries in some parts of the county here but on my property i mostly ha e Black Raspberries thst grow along the woodline in partial shade. I gound thia growing near another Black Raspberry plant the other day. The ripe berries are golden and tast like the neighboring canes which are black. The golden ones also have the same bluish canes.

Are these a different berry or perhaps a mutation of a gene in the Black Rasberry?


I’m in Northeast TN so close to both Western NC and Southwest VA :slight_smile:

Wild black raspberries are ripe here now but wineberries are still a week or more out.