What is wrong with my current?

Note the red in the leaves

The other stem looks okay

It’s a seedling of rovada that i found in the yard, and transplanted to a spot with some sun.


I’m not sure what it’s called, but I see it every year. It’s never seemed to cause any actual issues so I haven’t worried much about it. It seems to be hit or miss as not every bush gets it even between duplicates of the same clones.

Looks like aphid damage to me. All my currents had them last year. Have a closer look under the leaves. I usually just spray them off with the hose.


Nasty thing, I am not able to get rid of it for many years. First it was only affecting red current, now black as well.


I’m glad it’s just aphids and not something worse.

I’ve seen aphids under distorted GREEN leaves on currants, but I hadn’t noticed aphids on the red distorted leaves before. They must be tiny little things. I’ll have to see if I can spot them.

Current Aphid. PNW Extension : Currant and gooseberry-Currant aphid | Pacific Northwest Pest Management Handbooks

They are small and usually do not make big clusters, three-five aphids on the leaf, hiding in the down side of blisters