What is wrong with my loquat?

I planted a loquat last fall here in Central Texas. It looks like something is wrong now. What is going on?

What was the low temperature there last winter? I just checked and it appears to be quite cold hardy so probably not that.

I would prune off the dead wood and as much of the bad looking growth as you can and spray with a fungicide.

Check for borer hole below the dead area.

This might be fireblight.

Agree with fireblight. Loquats are prone and there’s not much that can be done

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If it’s fireblight, should I remove the loquat so it doesn’t infect my other fruit trees?

That loquat is bound to die. You can wait and see what happens to it or remove it. I don’t believe it wall affect other trees. I’ve planted a loquat where another one had died of fireblight, and the new one is doing great

I would leave it for now in case the damage is due to cold and not fireblight

Chriso, you say it’s bound to die, but the damage might be due to cold? Also, wouldn’t fireblight be spread by insects and stuff on the plants, not by the soil?