What is Wrong with This Blueberry?

This is a “Duke” blueberry that is several years old. It has been producing. I fed the blueberry with 1/2 scoop of 25% sulfur last fall and this spring. But somehow this bush looks yellowish. I do not remember that it was this yellow last spring when I did not even apply sulfur.

I can’t think of anything else, No wet feet, no lack of water. All the other bushes are green as they should be, like the “O’Neal” behind it.

What kind of fertilizer is being used?More nitrogen may help. Brady

Bone meal was used last fall with the sulfur. Diluted urine was used about twice this spring. The field is very slightly sloped with the yellow plant at the highest ground. But the soil has been moist with the aged mulch.

What is the soil pH in locations around the plant?

It was around 6 last fall. With the two applications of sulfur, I assume the Ph is lower now. I can still see the sulfur granular around the root base. The bushes around it has no problem.

I’m going to apply sulfur one more time. Since this bush is at relatively high ground, I’m going to monitor the moisture most closely. But our spring time is not lacking moisture…

O’Neil is a southern highbush which performs well with soil pH near 5.8, but Duke is a northern highbush needing soil pH near 4.8. Since it appears you are gardening organically, I’d also recommend applying iron sulfate and blood meal.

More pictures:

The last picture is from last year’s.

With those closeups of the the leaves,it does look like chlorosis,because of high pH.I was going to also suggest blood meal or try cottonseed meal,which may help more in acidifying.The sulfur may have not fully kicked in yet.
In that last picture,it looks like there is some of the same in the top part of the plant.Good fruit set though. Brady

Yes, I’d be cautious applying more sulfur. Check every two weeks and when the pH stops changing then add more if needed.

Would iron granular help?

There are several granular iron fertilizers. They are all salts such as iron sulfate and iron phosphate. Which were you thinking of?


Ok, Ironite is a brand name with several fertilizer products. Any particular one?