What kind of melon is this?

I planted some seeds from a volunteer melon. I don’t know what kind it is other than it is a honeydew type. It is light green, gets fairly large, has a bit of a bumpy surface, and has small kinda prickly hairs on the surface. Anyone recognize it? I don’t know how to tell when this type is ripe. Any pointers? It isn’t soft near the stem end and doesn’t slip, at least not yet. I didn’t record the day it set fruit either, so I can’t go on days.

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By your description, it would be a seedling of a honeydew-type melon. It could also have any other melons within bee range as a parent.

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most will slip some won’t will take experience with same type of melon but since you only have one the squeeze test will be your main weapon of choice, a soft feeling is what you want but not squeezed too hard

Thanks for the help! I have quite a few of these growing, but this is the largest so far. I wil be checking for the soft feeling and compare it to the others. I didn’t think this type would slip,but not sure if that’s from past experience, incan’t remember for sure!