What kind of tree? Black fluid coming out of tree?

I would like to know what kind of tree this is? What is the black fluid coming out of this tree? Any information would be helpful. thanks

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From the leaves, that very much looks like a mulberry.


Looks like any combo of a wound and cankerous activity whether a canker now (there’s definitely one toward the base of the tree, a canker.)

If the limb was removed recently, that’s sap running. It could be sap running from a wound from last year. I’m speaking of limb removal being a wound.

And if recent removal say last-year or a few years ago, that wound didn’t heal and developed a (new/another) canker. Like I say, the bottom of the tree is in big-trouble. You’ve got canker or rot or both going on and it may be bleeding separately from above where the limb was removed at some point.

It’s for sure a mulberry.

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Thanks for the information Barkslip. I would like to remove this tree(this fall) since my apple trees are very close by. I have to ask my next door neighbor, because the tree is in the fence row and on his property.

It’s a mulberry.
Read up on bacterial wetwood & slime flux.


If there is a any amount of the trunk below the wound, you may want to consider grafting an improved cultivar onto the tree. If you want small, try to get ahold of Dwarf Girardi scions. If you want big, weeping or Illinois Everbearing could be a good option. I personally got ahold of a Dwarf Girardi and a Weeping this year.

There are many threads about mullberries, you may want to read up prior to making the decision to cull, especially since that is such a large rootstock.

I have a mature IE if you need scions.