What pear is this?

I have onlyone pea. It is large and has an almost globose shape.

It dropped today, 10/10/20 in zone 6a central MA.

@clarkinks, all, can you tell me what pear is this?


Ya Li?

That’s a thought. Because it was grafted on a Euro pear so I thought I put a Eurongraft on the tree.

I looked at some Ya Li pics, they are not as round in the middle like this one, though. Thanks for the suggestion.

@tonyOmahaz5, @PharmerDrewee, @IL847, @Sophia2017,
Can you guys figure out what Asian pear this could be?

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This isn’t from a new graft is it? I remember sending you 2 types of A pears that have more oblong shapes, Jilin and Zao Su Li (should be an early pear).

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No. This was from a graft 3 years ago.


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YaLi was my initial thought, but here it has a little more ‘neck’ than the fruit in that photo, with neck and stem just a bit off-center.
But…one fruit…may not necessarily conform to expected shape.

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Is it possible a Pai li?

Im unsure let us know the flavor or lack there of

I have this pear but it has not had fruit yet. Do you have picture of Jilin pear and flavor description?

No pictures. Mine flowered and set fruit but they all dropped after a late freeze. A member posted pictures on here before. I think it looks like a Shin Li or Laiyang Ci Li. The flavor ratings were very good from what I can remember.

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Thank you all for your suggestions. I am leaning toward Dasui Li pear.

This site seems to have quite accurate pics of Asian pears I grow. Most nurseries tend to copy one another and when one is wrong, they are all wrong.

I have not eaten it. Too many other fruit need to be eaten first.

Now I have this Euro pears. I don’t know what they are.

They are medium to large in size. Just dropped, Hard like rocks.
Anyone know what variety this should be?

@clarkinks, @Auburn?


I think Clark would be more likely than I to accurately identify this pear. Kieffer would be my guess. Late, hard, appearance.


Sure look blocky like kieffer.


That’s what I fear. I do not care for pears for canning. I will remove this and the Duchness. I prefer fresh eating, good tasting pears.

Thank you @Auburn and @snowflake


You could slice them and make sweet pickles :slight_smile:

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Do you have a recipe?


I’ll get it for you. Works great with kieffer because they are crisp.


Here are the recipes my wife used for pickled kieffer pears. The first one is more involved (canning), and the second is fairly quick.

Here are my wife’s comments:
The first one has hot water bath option for up to 1 year of storage in pantry. The second one is not hot water bath so it must be kept sealed in fridge. If you want to try them before doing a large batch, you can do the second option, and they keep in the fridge opened for 1 week. With kieffer, they take on flavor in as little as 4 hours.

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