What Pears will you grow this year?


Did you buy trees or just grafting some scions? I’m interested in how both these turn out in the future as I haven’t heard a lot of reviews on them, but they sound like intriguing varieties.


In case anyone has missed this thread. Potomac is a large tasty pears. I like almost of of the Euro pears on the thread I linked here.

Pictures of some European pears for you.


I had to take out my Bartlett pear because it was so fireblight damaged. I was hoping to keep the trunk and graft onto it, but it looked like the FB had spread there. I’m planning on buying a Warren to replace it, but now I’m not sure what to do with the scions I bought to try out with the condemned stump.


‘Harvest Queen’ after you guys talked it up in a thread awhile ago—-I haven’t seen it mentioned since. Should I be worried?


Thanks, I remember your Potomac (and Harrow Sweet) reviews. I haven’t seen Shenandoah pear talked about much, though.


I’m grafting in a few scions. This will be my first attempt to grow them but they do look like good pears based on what I have read about them.


Thanks. It is always good to see others growing the same fruit and it doing well.


For those of you growing Potomac i think i better mention ive not had it produce pears yet. I suspect it will bear fruit soon but very few pears eg. asian pears, douglas, and harrow station pears produce quickly. Many pears take 5-15 years to produce fruit. Do your homework and understand excellent quality pears such as warren will take a long time to produce fruit in most cases. Rootstocks such as quince when its compatable or ohxf333 greatly reduce your waiting for pears but in my experienve the fruit size can be reduced on 333. I know many of you know this but im speaking to newer members who are using callery or bet rootstock with pears such as warren or magness that will wait years for fruit. If your not already getting fruit use ohxf333 rootstock on a few pears so you have something to eat while you wait or grow asian pears, harrow sweet, Harrow delight douglas etc that will produce fast regardless the rootstock. Clara frijs and others teach us a lesson in patience. Korean giant asian pear produces in just a couple of years.



Like @clarkinks said, I have several Euro pear varieties but most have not fruited. Only a few like Harrow Sweet, Fondante de Mouline-Lille, Blake’s Pride and have fruited. HS and Fondante fruit tasted great.

Blake’s Pride is a disappointment. Not tasty but last year was the first fruit so I’ll give it more trials. Magness - don’t know due to darn squirrels, two years in a row)

This year, look like I will have a few more including Duchess that will fruit.


I contacted Burnt Ridge and asked if they could add rootstock to my order of the scion wood, and they said they could, so I am going to graft Magness, Moonglow, Highland, Orcas and Seckel to some rootstock and see how that goes.


I bought OHxF 87 from Burnt Ridge, too. I don’t want or need big pear trees.


I was excited to see they had the size I wanted. I’m thinking about espaliering the trees, and with my lot size, I don’t have room for 5 full size trees. Initially I wanted to graft the 5 onto my Bartlett, but it was full of fire blight (even down through the trunk), so I opted to take it out.


Last year, I bought a bunch of OHxF 87 pear rootstocks and G.890 apple rootstocks from Cummins. All rootstocks looked good and had good roots. However, about one half of the OHxF 87 rootstocks did not wake up later in the spring (some of them were potted and some planted in the ground). 100% of apple rootstocks (G.890 last year and M-111 in 2017) survived. Based on this experience, I would suggest that if somebody buys OHxF rootstocks, get a few extra in case some of them do not survive.


I had the same experience with OHxF 97s from Cummins a few years ago


I got 5 OHxF 87 from Burnt Ridge in 2017. Put all in pots at first and grafted named varieties on them.

After all grafts took, put them in ground in late summer of 2017. Considering our poor soil in the back yard, they all have grown. Not much the first year and a couple of feet in 2018. None dies, thanks goodness.


When do you expect to see fruit from them?


At best 2021 is my guess.

If it is grafted to a mature tree, It could be within 2 years after grafting but it also depends on varieties.


This should be Ayers pear on ohxf 87, third leaf, looks like blooms to me


Yup. Got into my pear today and I think I’m seeing fruit spurs - so I think I know what you’re feeling!


Ayers are tempermental sometimes meaning mine have bloomed on several young trees and then not produced pears. Yours looks pretty determined but leave all the blooms.