What Pears will you grow this year?


Looks like buds for blooms to me. My Ayers are in full bloom right now.


I haven’t been able to resist adding new pears to my small orchard (not sure I could name all them without a written list). If not for good labels I would have a bunch of unknowns. I really enjoy growing pears and I wish I could grow more varieties/trees. Wish I could grow half of the pears our Kansas friend does. @clarkinks


Stefan Sobkowiak grows succesfully Conférence in Montérégie region of Quebec (probably USDA zone 4). They are said to be very delicious. They also look gorgeous ! I would plant one if I wasn’t afraid to lose it to fireblight. I am still looking for a good pear to grow. I read all your comments and thought about it for a while. I am leaning toward a russian pear, like Krasnobokaya. I would also love to find some canadian scion wood for Ichiban nashi or Shinsui, as they are said to be the first asian pears to ripen.


Here is yulu, I think that looks like a flower bud


Hope it is a flower bud but it might just be a leaf but.


For those following this thread regarding potomac it is flowering.


For those following this thread Clara frijs has a few flowers this year on two trees! Thats great news and may actually produce some fruit. Be prepared for this pear it can be a long wait and consider ohxf333 or quince for rootstock to cut down the wait time.


Finished grafting kosui , pai li, and ledbetter as well today.


As i continue to graft the weather is turning off cold and windy again. Many grafts look promising already so this cool weather is a God send to finish my work!


Could anyone give an opinion on Red Clapps Favorite?

Or recommend a red pear for my zone? Thanks


I grafted it onto shinko, thinking that the Asian pear may speed up fruiting in Clara frijs but it seems to have only slowed its growth, lol.


Red clapps favorite is not one i grow but Clapps on standard rootstocknis slow to fruit. I would grow harrow sweet if i werein your zone.


I can attest to that. My Clapps on standard rootstock is on it’s ninth leaf and I don’t anticipate any blooms this year.


Thanks guys, i actually planted a Harrow Sweet for an espalier placement on your recommendation a week ago! I am excited about it but am hoping there is a red skinned variety I could look forward to grafting onto it. May have to look long and hard being so far north.


How about harrows delight? I have fruitlets this year!


Harrow Delight. Is zone 5.


Have you tasted it?? I’m a sweet pear guy, and melting, will it satisfy me?


Yes its a sweet pear but does not hold a candle to harrow sweet if everything else is equal. Its early and thats nice. I did taste it last year from one of my trees. No doubt its a quality pear Harrow Delight Pear


I am hoping to graft several varieties of pear this year! Korean Giant, Harrow Sweet, Orient, Hood, Harrow Delight, and Moonglow. Courtesy of @Auburn and a Seckel from my father in law I also have 20 BET rootstock on the way for the scions!


I currently have Hosui which has set some fruit this Spring on it’s own (year 3). I am looking to expand my pear selection. Zone 7A Maryland. I’m down to 4 choices of which I will select 3:

Korean Giant

I think I can get enough cross pollination between any 3 of these and Hosui to be ok. If anyone thinks otherwise please let me know.

@Auburn I see you planted Potomac and Shenandoah. How are they coming along?