What Pears will you grow this year?


Adams County recommends planting pears on OHxF87 with 5’ spacing. Is that accurate? I’ve seen much wider spacing mentioned elsewhere for the same root stock.


Have you considered a Maxie Pear. I have one but it has not fruited yet. To be honest I am not sure how it tastes. It is an attractive tree. Below is a description from a nursery. It is supposed to work in zone 4.

A cross of Nijiseiki Asian Pear and Red Bartlett European Pear. Maxie is round, crisp and juicy like an Asian Pear, but with the complex European Pear flavor. Ripens on the tree in late August-early September. Early bloom.


I grafted these onto limbs 2019 and they grew well. No fruit yet.


Can you (or anyone) tell me what this small pear is? It ripened now.
What is this early pear?
Not Ayers. I have Ayers that ripen a couple weeks later?


How did it taste? Did it turn yellow?


The one that turned yellow (similar to Harrow Sweet yellow) was very small. Looked like it was stunted. It tasted fine, no grit but not that sweet. I ate that one right off the tree.

I put this one in a fridge. Probably won’t taste it until a week from now.

These pears were early last year, too. I did not expect any of my pears to ripen in July. By the time I checked, they were overripe and rotted from inside out. This year, only 2 pears reached maturity.