What peppers are you planning to grow in 2017?


Tried another jalapeño and B Carrot yesterday. The J was pretty warm, so it seems they might be heating up more.

The Carrot is pretty hot, I’d venture to say it may be the hottest of all the peppers we’ve harvested so far. It actually has a good flavor, despite the heat, but it also is kinda hard to cut, tough skin.


Pictures of ripe peppers.

On the left are Nu-Mex Sunset long peppers. They are bright orange and the camera shows the color wrong. They are very productive but suffered from bossom rot and many peppers fell of before ripe. When green they tasted like cardboard with very little heat, they are supposed to be mildly hot peppers. I have not tasted them ripe yet.
On the top right are unknown peppers which I like a lot. They are productive and early, meaty, sweet but also medium hot.
On the bottom right is Antohi Romanian, very sweet and meaty, our favorite to eat.


I just got a beautiful purple jalapeño pepper plant from my friend who claims it’s a milder variety.



We grow those every year. Very productive and it’s a pretty plant as well. Good flavor and right amount of heat. Not overwhelming.



My big winners for the year with peppers are ‘Habanada’ and ‘Jimmy Nardello’ for sweet peppers and ‘Buena Mulata’ for hot. All three are absolutely worth growing every year.


My new pepper (I am a rookie veggie gardener) is Taltos, a Hungarian pepper. Thanks to @thepodpiper who generously sent me lots of seeds.

I picked one today. Too early. It had a young taste too it but I think I will like it.
It is pretty.


Picked another bowl of peppers. The green pepper is my first rocoto de seda. I bit into the end just enough to taste it , pretty hot with jalapeño type flavor. I will let the next one ripen fully.


What are the wrinkly red ones? Are those the Scorpions? What’s the yellow one?

I gave my sis in law some peppers today. She loves the hotter types, but has a reaction to mild bell peppers. Anyways, I gave her a Padron, Bulgarian Carrot, pepperoncini, and a habanero. Those ought to get a good sweat going… I told her the Carrot seemed the hottest of those. The habs are hot, but flavorful.

@thepodpiper, have your B Carrots been real hot in the past?


There are scorpion butch t’s in there. The yellow ones are tree habanero.


I decided to smoke this batch for a bit of added flavor before I made them into sauce.


I admitted, when you said to me to wait until Taltos turns red, I was skeptical. At the time, the peppers were so green (pale), I could not imagine how they could turn red.

After several weeks, they are now turning orange. I guess it will take more time to go from orange to red. To us, it could take almost “forever” for these peppers to turn fully red. I think we may not have time before frost arrives. They are a healthy and happy plant with pretty peppers.


We need to remember that there is only one pepper out of thousands that ripens green and I have yet to find seeds of said variety. All peppers will turn color when ripe…except one.


You can use them at this stage. I would use as needed.
It seems the ones that are yellow or ivory, sometimes never green, take forever to ripen. I just picked A couple sweets. Etiuda and a small Spanish Mammoth aka Doux D’ Espagne.


My peppers really are covered right now , I picked a large mixing bowl of them yesterday, still no frost here yet.


Are you going to dry some?



Yes, I am going to try that


I see some wrinkly red ones. Are those your Scorpions? Of all the hot peppers you grew this year, which were the hottest ones?

I grew some Habanero, but those weren’t nearly as hot as Bulgarian Carrot. Those were definitely the hottest variety we grew this year.

I have some other Habs and some 7-pot super hot seeds, but I didn’t try them this year. But, I’ll give them a shot next year. The key, I understand, is get those super-hots sown in Jan or Feb.


Well, we were expecting near freezing temps this morn, so yesterday I picked just about all what was left of our peppers. I filled up a bushel basketful of various varieties. Lots of banana and jalapeño, but lots of other varieties. I weighed it and I had picked about 15lb.

It didn’t get as cold as expected this morn, tho, it only got down to 38. But, I needed to pick the peppers so we could freeze or can some.


Yes the wrinkled peppers are the scorpions. I am not sure which was the hottest, at a certain point it gets hard for me to tell. I really like the flavor of the scorpion I plan to grow it again. The hab made the most peppers, the tree hab had an interesting pepper but not very distinctive in flavor. The roco to de seda made the least amount of peppers, there is a yellow one in the bowl that I plan to sample


Second year pubescens will produce more peppers, if you can overwinter I recommend doing so.