What persimmon variety is this?

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I have bought two Kuro Gakis from a trust worthy nursery here in Germany. But when the little trees started to grow I realized that at least one of them isn’t a Kuro gaki​:sweat_smile: any ideas on what variety it might be ? I’m guessing it’s some kind of hybrid but I’m not sure :thinking:

Looks like D.V rootstock American persimmon leaves?

Yeah probably the rootstock is D.V. on both trees… I also thought about that it might be an American persimmon variety… the tree grows really really strong and fast … almost like a kiwi

Kaki has real dark green leaves and American persimmon has a light reddish young leaves. You can send the nursery a photo of it and ask for a replacement.

Yeah I already asked them about replacement. They had to close their nursery because of the virus so we’ll see how it turns out in the end… what do you think about the potential Kuro Gaki ? Seems legit to me …

Looks like a Kaki. Can’t really tell until the tree produces fruit. In the mean time you graft over the rootstock.

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Actually a great idea :thinking: I’m planning on getting some rare scion wood from a Czech collector anyway … but I will probably use the hybrid/Virginiana tree for grafting… D.K. is not completely hardy here… also it grows slower then D.V…

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