What pineapple guava cultivars produce good fruit in the U.S. south?

Its so hot, decided to run the hose to the feijoas for half an hour or so. The fruit are swelling quickly. I remembered that heat does speed up the ripening, so we may want to make sure

enough moisture is present.


Takaka and apollo have set a dozen or so a piece. Waingoro and Ramsey have a few as well.

Seedlings have set. Kaiteri and Huia grafts have firmly taken, but nothing on the others as of yet…


i have to say i am excited i got some fruit set on one feijoa bush, about a dozen. i hand pollinated, they’re probably each an inch or so long. how long until they are ready? i’m guessing they take as long as tropical guava (4 months)? do they have to ripen on the tree?

The earliest ripen in October. So about 4 months for you. If yours are seedlings, it’s up to them when they ripen, but they ripen faster in warmer areas.

If you have seedlings, the best way I found to increase the size is thinning and consistent water…

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For the ones at my house, I tried to select varieties that were known for self pollination and production. So Apollo, Takaka, and Waingoro. I’m still looking for Wiki Tu.

I found a podcast with Nigel Ritson, who developed the NZ varieties: Takaka, Karamea,Waingoro, Waitui, and Kawatiri. The host cuts him off a lot once he gets going, but still interesting…
He does mention that all his varieties have really high production so without native pollinators, it looks like a good idea to at least have 1 of his…

Nigel Ritson- Feijoa Developer Interview


That’s awesome, thank you for posting that. I will listen to it tomorrow!

Takaka is a heavy producer here.
I just added Waingaro last season.

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nigel ritson waingoro
Waingaro parentage confirmed…

Takaka getting larger with the recent rains…

Apollo also a bit behind…