What pluots are these?

recently I bought this pluots, anyone have an idea what variety it is? Thanks

Cut them in half and post a picture, then we might be able to identify them.

The shape doesn’t seem quit right for Flavor Treat. But color and dots seem close and harvest season is right.

Flavor Treat and Emerald Beaut

Maybe the shape is right. Flavor Treat does have a prominent suture and the length can vary. The longer ones tend to have a pit sheared in half.

Does the fruit have firm, meaty, flesh? I think flesh color of FT is yellow to amber, not red.

cross-section of the fruit, interior and exterior are beautiful, taste test: virtually no taste to discover, disappointing. Fruit was grown in the South of Spain.

Flavor Treat doesn’t have any red tinged flesh. It’s all colored more like your fruit is near the pit.

Not 100% sure but I think only Royal is growing pluots in Spain.
These are the varieties they mention on their website (I am familiar only with Flavor King and Dapple Dandy/Brontosaur egg) so it might be one of those


Flavor King
Brontosaurus Egg

Recently when I purchased these fruits I don’t recognizable them as variety Yummy.
Surprising because I bought the same fruit once before but this was forgotten, for now they are still immature In addition, tasteless.

Five years ago these fruits were sold under a different name: Yummy Plums, very tasty fruits, and saved the seeds.

Today they are only sold as product name Pluots. Hence this confusion my site.
Given the obvious characteristics, this must have been variety: ‘September Yummy’

2010, I planted Yummy seed, last summer this young seedling tree carried just one single fruit with obvious characteristics of the original fruit September Yummy from the year 2010.

Unfortunately I was too late in time with picking this single hanging fruit, the flesh structure was over-ripe, tasted very sweet.

During ripening stage progresses skin color turns almost black with light-coloured sugar spots
Interior structure changes from amber to reddish color.

@Paul, I’m familiar with the range of stone fruits what Royal Spain has to offer.

Thanks guys for the input.

Bad News: September Yummy is a just a plum, no apricot involved. It is a cross between an unknown plum, seed parent, x Bradgreen, pollen parent. Invented by Bradford Genectics.

This stated once again that we in Europe do not know the difference between a plum and Pluot :tired_face:

Anyway if it is only a plum, it remains an excellent good piece of fruit.


Just 8 days later black skin and very delicious

And very beautiful. It looks very sweet.

Yummy Yea!

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