What’s Up Bud?: early budding and sprouting


I wanted to share early budding photos from zone 8 in Hazel Dell, WA with you. Feel free to share your first signs of spring as it happens too!


I am in zone 6a so my figs look a bit like this in the garage…:grimacing:


It hit 80+ degrees today East of Dallas. Wednesday we’re suppose to hit 29 degrees. Just about everything including my figs are still in deep sleep. My muscadines have buds swelling, but they still have a ways. Only one pomegranate has put out leaves. The rest of the pomegranates have small to no buds popping.

Valdosta Mulberry is awake .

Thai Dwarf mulberry is waking up.

White Pakistan mulberry is waking up.

Bok Choy going to flower. I forgot to pop open the greenhouse…

Meadows Pear is waking up.


Not a whole lot here, but some.

Peach buds looked pretty tight three days ago.

Some daffodils and other bulbs up an inch or two. Bradford pears are noticeably swelling as are some silver maples. I’ve seen forsythia elsewhere, but mine is still dormant.