What’s wrong with these citrus?

These are a late ripening variety “Sweet Spring”. I’ve been waiting years for this first crop. All of them are slightly green, so I assumed they weren’t ripe yet. I opened a few. The majority are dried out on the inside. One seemed OK, although I’m guessing it’s not quite ripe yet.
We’ve had typical snow and frost since December.
Grown in rich soil with plenty of water.
Any idea what’s going on?
I decided to plant this tree after trying a locally grown fruit from the farmers market a few years ago. It was great, tasted a bit like Navel, and very late ripening.
Not sure if that was grown in a warm pocket or something else is going on.

It looks like the fruits were frozen.

Why are some of the fruits OK then? Is there a way to prevent this? Will they ripen? Or is this a lost cause?
The worst of the freeze is over, but not sure if these will ripen any further?