What should peach seeds look like for starting new plants?

For sprouting purposes, does it matter if peach seeds have the brown covering? Also, some of my peaches had 2 separate seeds inside…should I use those?


Hard to mess up peach seed growing.

I assume you have cold stratified?

I think one or two folks said that they dont need to be…the rest do.

Some folks say pointy end up, some say pointy end down…and some say to lay flat.

I do pointy end up.

Anyways this is a good little writeup.and i too am growing Cherokee/Blood/Indian peaches along with Iowa Whites.

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I haven’t stratified them yet. I was asking to see if it was a waste of time to include the ones with no covering

The other year I used pits from store bought peaches. I stuck in pots outside in the fall, and they sprouted in the spring. 100% germination. Since they were store bought, they were probably in cold storage for a while, but I’m not sure it mattered since they were outside all winter. I didn’t orient them any special way in the potting mix.

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I dont think ive ever seen that question… its a protective layer of the seed that i think protects against mold/bacteria while inside the pit… I stratify all of mine in the pit and usually after cold moist strat they naturally open…

So technically the seed is double protected by the pit and the skin… so my guess is that they have a lesser chance since you removed both.

Or possibly a better chance…

Nature usually gets it right though.


I have had success both germinating in the pit as well as separated from it, but agree the pit protects the seed. I cold stratified on a moist paper towel in a baggie in the refrigerator; seeds start to germinate in a few months. The root tip emerges from the pointed end. If you plant directly outside, you have to worry about rodents finding your seeds over the winter. Pots in a wire cage would be a good solution.

Good luck. My first seed raised peach is bearing its first crop this year and they are quite good.

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Are they pretty much equal to the plants they originated from?