What sort of damage is this?

What sort of damage is this? dried dead leaves after leafing out. Its the only one of my grafts from last year that has done this post leafout so far. The cambian of the scion and root stock are both bright green.

Any late frost damage?

this is the only tree showing such damage.

I take that back I noticed this on one other.
The first picture is of a branch of the root stock and the second is the graft.

Any dark areas down lower on the rootstock? I’ve had the occasional rootstock die over winter (too wet?) and then the tree starts out fine and then does what yours is doing. Basically with dead roots, there is nothing to feed sap and nutrients up to the top and the top dies after showing early signs of life. Not sure that is what’s going on with yours, but I would check the rootstock at the base to see if it looks healthy, etc. Also, if it is in a pot, look at the drain holes to see if there is any sign of happy (or unhappy) roots.

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yep, definitely death of the root stock.

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Bummer, sorry that was it. I was hoping it was something that would let you still save the tree or at least re-graft it if the scion was dead.

the scion suffering but still alive along with quite a bit of the g41 its grafted to. Will see how an unconvential G41 on G11 will do.