What the Hail!?!

Oh. My. Gosh. It hailed here. Twice. I end up with about 1/2" total of hail in my yard. I am afraid to go down and see my stone frut blossoms :frowning: Here is how it started. Had to get up to work, so couldn’t take a final photo, but it was coming down hard early this morning, all the size of little BB’s. Then, about 2:00 pm, it started to hail again, this time larger hail about the size of peas. And thunder. And, apparently, a water spout. You would think I was back in Goshen, IN!!

Could have been worse. Here is a photo of Huntington Beach, where I grew up. About an hour north of me up the coast. Literally ON the coast:


We had rain from that storm roll through here today but no hail. Snowed up in Flagstaff tho. The wind and rain had me in a fuss about our blossuming fruit…we are all so spoiled here in the southwest!

Wow, a hail snowman in CA! You don’t see that often! Snowmen and palm trees, what’s wrong with this picture? :astonished:

We get hail about a half-dozen times each summer. Anything pea-size or smaller doesn’t seem to do any damage so you should be fine.

Thankfully, all that hail stayed well south of me. :umbrella:

I lost my flavor delight apriums and goldkist apricots to today’s frost.

How cold did it get and what stage was your fruit? One freeze seldom gets everything this early.

27 F. They were half an inch long , or about a Month away from harvest. They usually ripen around may 12th.

Sorry about your loss. Hope some are ok.


Are there any blossoms not open yet? If so those would survive 27. We’ve lost apricot to two 22F freezes, last night and a week ago. But all varieties aren’t all bloomed out yet. Unopened flowers survived 22F.