What to do w/Kieffer pears?

They do taste pear-like, but peeling them is a pain.

I expect kieffer to ripen earlier than it has. It’s my last pear and later than anything I grow except Crippsi Pink apple. These things are nice sized and starting to get a red blush, but they are still rock hard. A few of them have fallen and they’ve spent a few days in the fridge. But don’t seam to show ripening signs like the yarrow pears.

When should I pick? How much longer will they hang?


They will hang longer. it you can lift them up and they come off easily then pick them. You will have to store them for a while to get them to ripen correctly. They will soften up in storage in a few weeks. You should wrap each of them in newspaper to keep them from bruising.
I had a Kieffer pear tree for years. I moved to a different house and I just planted a Kieffer pear two years ago. I liked the pear.

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