What to do with 5 acres?

I got 5 acres split in 2, one 1 1/2 . The one smaller one is somewhat clean the other semi rough and slopy. Both have a lot of asian persimmon and native.
I usely don’t go that far down except today. Could not believe that tree’s loaded with orange globs could look that pretty.

I pick a few and gave them to my wife for the annual tasting. “Delicioussss”. Just one word.


Sounds like you just need to visit more often.


If that was mine, I’d be going on a hike everyday.
They don’t seem that big. The trees. How old are they?

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They are big just like a Hychia. Persimmon on the little tree are smaller because there are just too many. On my bigger tree’s you could not tell the difference between a Giombo or a Hichia.

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