What to do with two trees in one pot?

Hi everyone,

My sister in law purchased a couple of mulberry trees for her orchard today. I wasn’t able to go with her but I sent her to a nursery I frequent without issue. Well I was surprised when I saw her new trees because there were two trees in the same pot. These are Shangri La Mulberries. I’m wondering if she should just carefully cut one of the trunks down to the soil level or if she could maybe cut the soil between them and get two trees for the price of one. Anyone seen this before or any suggestions on what to do?

They look good together.I think they like each other.
Seriously though,cutting between them,so they each share some roots might be doable.
Is that a similar situation with that container in the background? Brady

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Thanks, Brady. Yes both trees were the same with two completely different trunks. My brother is very aesthetic and only wants a single trunk!

You could braid them together if they are pliable enough.

I wouldn’t touch those trees. They were planted like that on purpose

I’d take them out of the pot and put a hose on them to expose the roots and see if they could be pulled apart w/o badly damaging either tree.

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I agree with @ltilton. You should be able to separate them. You may do some damage but they will recover.

So you would just leave it with the 2 trunks? I have another mulberry only 1.5 years old and the trunk is huge! I can’t imagine this thing keeping 2 trunks but I could be wrong.

I’m not sure why they would plant them like that if it wasn’t their intended purpose to be grown together. But I’m no expert and have very little knowledge of mulberries. I’m not familiar with Shangra La. I’m not sure either it’s a big variety or a dwarf.