What to spray on newly arrived fruit trees, apple, asian pear, plum, peach, sour cherry

I just recieved my bare root apples and
Asian Pears, Peaches, Plums, Pluerry arriving monday
sour cherries at a later date

I am trying to use two different products and that be it

the products i am using are

bonide copper concentrate
bonide all seasons horticultural oil

just wondering what to spray and when for
the above fruit

thank you, but i remember seeing that peach trees get peach leaf curl and was wondering if you still recommended spraying at green tip or not?

If your really concerned that your peach trees might have peach leaf curl, it’s not going to hurt them to spray copper. You just don’t want to build up an excess amount of copper in your soil, so if my peaches don’t have the disease, they don’t get sprayed for it. You’ll have to make the call on if you think this particular disease is a problem in your area. Look at your other trees, if you have them, or the neighbors trees, if they seem to be plagued by peach leaf curl pretty badly in your area, go ahead and do the preventative spray. Some people can get away with never spraying anything and their trees never get any diseases. Really comes down to your local climate and pest population.