What tomatoes will you grow in 2018?


Starting from seed wasn’t too bad for me this year—I am not good at it. I just thought things were getting out of hand at the nursery.

The Ferry Morse seed starting light (T5 fluorescent) worked, barely. I’d just get a no-name LED floodlight style grow light for about $15 (or two) instead if I knew. I used those peat pellet things that sort of inflate when they get wet.

The thing that really cut down on the infant mortality for me this year was using hydroponic plant food on the pellets instead of trying to transplant them to a small pot and then to the soil a few weeks later. I mixed it at half strength and started giving it to the plants as soon as the first true leaves appeared. The plants are fine. I used Maxigrow/Maxibloom which is available for reasonable prices at the local doper hydroponic store.


This year I started:
Black Vernissage
Cherokee Purple
Amish Paste
Pruden’s Purple
Martino’s Roma
Lucid Gem
Mortgage Lifter
San Marzano
Yellow Cherry (who knows what kind it is, I’ve been saving it for years)
I have 4 or 5 of each except the yellow cherry, we can’t use more than one of them. I combine them all and put up tomato sauce and salsa. I will do ketchup this year too I think. We use a few in season too :slight_smile:


I brought mine up from under the fluorescent LED’s (mine) and my buddies under a very good quality 300W LED.

They’ll harden off for a week or 10-days facing west but with a very long ceiling that overhangs my deck and only gives them light 5 pm and onward.

I have some beautiful plants for my buddy. What really impressed me are the grow bags; however I can’t discount the lamp either.

One for my friend: ‘Helsing Junction Blues’

One of his ‘Snow White’

And all of mine for family and friends & neighbors:

Seeds were sown on Feb. 26th. and here you see them today. The ones for my friend were moved from the 4" rootmaker cells on April 1st and potted to the grow bags whereas mine have been in the rootmakers (too long…) but they’re healthy and ready to go.

@thepodpiper thank you.



The Helsing Junction Blues and the Snow White together in a salad is going to look awesome.


Well, due to the plots being still too wet, I had to pot up my indoor grown seedlings. I did this to about 32 tomatoes, 12 peppers, 6 basil and a couple cilantro seedlings. They seem to be adapting to their new homes, got them back under the lights. For the next watering, I’m giving them a dose of Medina liquid fertilzer.


Mine are all growing great. These are my three in self watering containers. But the other 10 in my raised bed looks just as good.


Just gave my plants their first watering since I potted them up into the cups. Gave them a drink of some liquid Medina fertilizer. They have really took off since transplanting, some have almost doubled in height. I think I’m going to have to start hardening them off tomorrow as they’re getting so big so fast, as in a bit leggy, even though I’m keeping the lights close to them. I’d like to get them in the ground in about a week.


Has anyone tried the tomato fertilizer from Greenway Biotech? The reviews are fantastic.


Tomatoes are in the ground, I cut back this year, only 104 plants:


Wow, 104 plants! We had trouble eating the product of two plants! Of course we don’t can or otherwise store long-term.


I’ll can sauce, stewed tomatoes, salsa, and probably some ketchup this year.


Nice! That all sounds very good (and a lot of work!)


Had some really gusty winds prior to a short downpour here and one of my Black Krim plants broke. They are growing so fast I can’t keep up with tying them to the stakes. I propped it back up, wrapped the break in parafilm and finished tying it to the stake. Any chance it will recover? If not it’s not a huge deal. I planted two Black Krims and I planted too close together anyway. More of an experiment than anything.


If it’s not completely broken, I would just straighten it back up and perhaps lash the stalk to the stake below and above the bend. Tomatoes are pretty tough plants.

Speaking of tom’s, I have our potted up plants out in the deck, and will leave them overnight. I’ve been hardening them off for the last 5 days, so they’re probably ready to go in the ground tomorrow. We have about 33 of indoor grown tomato plants and 9 peppers. I can’t believe it’s taken this long to get plants in the ground this year, but the weather hasn’t been real cooperative.


Finally got my garden planted. I am going to put in another row of tomato and pepper plants tomorrow for fall production. Here is a list of what I have in the ground growing.

Akers WV
Amana Orange
Bear Creek
Black Cherry
Blueberry Sugar
Box car Willie
Calvin’s green
Caro Red
Cherokee Green
Cherokee Purple
Crnkovic Yugoslavian
Dr Caroline Pink
Dr. Wyche
Gary’O Sena
Goose Creek
Grandpa Willie
Green Doctors
Green doctors Frosted
Green Giant
Green Grape
Green Zebra Cherry
Gregori’s Altai
Indigo Cherry Drops
Indigo Rose
J.D.'s Special C-Tex
Lillian’s Yellow
Little Lucky
Lucky Cross
Maglia Rosa
Nebraska Wedding
Omar’s Lebanese
Orange Minsk
Brandywine OTV
Perth Pride
Polish C
Red Lifter
Red Orange Stuffer
Red Zebra
Reif’s Red Heart
Russian Red
Stump of the World
Sunrise Bumblebee
Swamp Sweet Orange
Tastiheart X LA0417
Vintage Wine
Yoders Yellow
Zeigler’s fleisch


You can always plant the broken part into the ground and start a new plant. They tend to take pretty easily this way. I’ve done it a number of times for broken tomato plants - you will just need a place to put it.


Finally got most (25) of our indoor grown tomatoes in the ground this evening. I ran out of daylight before I could finish planting the last 8 of them. I’ll finish the rest tomorrow, along with 9 pepper plants.

It’s supposed to get down near 50 tonight, but back up to 85 tomorrow and near 90 on Friday. So, I’ll be doing some mulching after they’re all planted.

Here’s what we did today:

Orange Kentucky beefsteak (3)
Siberian Pink Honey (3)
Gordost Sibiri (3)
Girl Girls Weird Thing (2)
Watermelon beefsteak (2)
Boxcar Willie (2)
Russian Queen (2)
Chocolate Cherry (2)
Dr Wyche Yellow
Indian Stripe
Warren’s Yellow
Jaune Flammé
Pruden’s Purple

I didn’t put up my fishing line fence around the patch yet, so hope the “varmits that shall not be named” will leave them alone tonight. The patch is about 50 feet from the end of the house, so hope that’ll help be somewhat of a deterrent.


Nice list Bob. I admittedly have not heard of many of them. Who is your seed supplie?. I’m already thinking about next years crop.


Three started with me! :slight_smile:


Haha. Maybe I found my new seed supplier for next year :wink: