What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


We’ve only grown BBW once before, and it seemed to produce more than the other Brandywines (pink and yellow). But disease took it out before the fruit could properly ripen. This year our pink variety looks like it’s more productive than before, tho.

This year it’s in better soil, plus we’ve had a relatively dry and warm summer up to now. So, less disease and less rain means better tasting tomatoes. So far. Still have a ways to go, and these are only the first samples. Other varieties seem to be less productive, but that’s normal.


Has anyone tried making soups or sauces with pink or black/purple tomatoes? I tried using purples, thinking it would make a more true red soup, vs the orangey color, but instead it just looks more brown! :rofl:


I believe we are officially in tomato harvest season here. So far Dark Queen is my favorite sandwich tomato, while Vintage Wine is my wife’s favorite. Cherokee Purple was a big disappointment as far as taste goes. Barry’s Crazy Cherry has a ton of cherries on it. A few varieties were planted late and are taunting me with green tomatoes that haven’t blushed yet. Vintage Wine is either not stable or there’s been an issue with the seeds. Some are obviously striped with a dark interior like they are supposed to be. Yet one is not striped with a lighter interior. The taste is pretty consistent, despite the difference in appearances. I’ve read some reviews from a different seed source that had the same differences in appearance.


I love all the oxheart types and am trying several different ones for the first time this year. Kosovo is starting to put out some very big meaty tomatoes. This is one of two this size I picked the other day.


Since this is a tomato thread, I have a?question for the tomato growers. One of my tomato plant suddenly whole plant wilted, I am wondering why?


Maybe the stalk was cut or damaged somewhere? Was it ok one day and then wilted the next? If not, it kinda looks like herbicide damage.


Harvested Yesterday. I am growing about 15 types of tomatoes.


We picked a monster tom this morning, my wife says it’s probably a pink Brandywine or maybe a Watermelon. It had a bit of rot on the bottom of it, but was mostly ok.

It was too big for our 1 lb scale, so we had to half it, total weight was about 27 ounces. Biggest tomato I’ve grown in a while.

The color was a deep pink, very meaty. The flavor was pretty sweet, not really tart, with that distinctive Brandywine tomato taste.


It went half stock wilted the next day the whole stock wilted after watering.


I don’t know, I’ve never seen that happen to any of my plants before. Some tomatoes are susceptible to various wilt diseases, like fusarium or verticillium, yours looks like maybe verticillium. What kind of variety is it, an heirloom or hybrid? A lot of hybrids are resistant to these wilts.

I just checked some stuff on the web, it looks like it could be Bacterial Wilt, which can kill the whole plant. Do any other of your plants look like this? Maybe Darrel (@Fusion_power) could say for sure what it is.


Beautiful assortment of tomatoes, what varieties are they? Looks like you have black or chocolate cherry, but I don’t recognize the others.


This is the first time I see my tomato does that. And this is the only one does that. Although I only grow one plant of each variety.


That is a whopper now! I’ve never grown any Oxheart toms but may have to try one next year. Let us know which of yours you prefer once they all come around.


The wilting plant does not have enough visible in the picture to determine for sure what is wrong. It could be nematodes, verticillium, or possibly one of the tospo-viruses. Either way, it will not recover.

Nice looking tomatoes subdood.


I am growing these Boxcar Willie,Brandywine,San Marzano,Yellow Pear,Ace 55,German Johnson,Mortgage Lifter, Black Cherry, Large Cherry, Cherokee Purple,Delicious,Homestead,Giant Belgium, Amish paste, Siberian,Roma,Indigo rose.


Staked up a few more tomatoes, as they are sprawling into each other, even at 4ft spacing. There’s still some branches with fruit on them laying on the ground. Hate to let that happen, but I’m running out of stakes, and I’ve prob pounded over 100 into the ground already. Also staked some of the peppers, there’s a few over 2ft tall now, with small fruit on them.

Anyway, after I finished with the staking, I picked a few-

The gnarly striped one is Girl Girl’s Weird Thing, the red one is Omar’s Lebanese, the dark beefsteak is another Black Brandywine, and some more Chocolate Cherry.

Close up of GGWT, a lot of these fruit tend to look like this, I guess it’s when blossoms fuse and grow together. The interior color is like a black BW, the flavor is similar, but more acidic. Not attractive fruit, but still very tasty.

The Omar’s are a lot smaller than advertized, actually quite small, have decent flavor. Maybe the later fruit will be larger.


Nice. I’ve tried growing several of these in the past. Which are your favorites so far? Indigo Rose has a very striking coloration, was wondering about its flavor and production.


Just slice the big bland ones and put on a burger. Put the rest in a blender and add herbs and garlic to make pasta and pizza sauce.


Its too early to declare favorite because I am still waiting for some to produce. Indigo Rose is a pretty looking tomato nothing special about taste and it produce decently.


Well, my three Chocolate Cherry plants…two are now in 3 gallon pots and one in a one gallon.
No blooms yet, but growing well.

Thanks for the seeds Bob.