What tomatoes will you grow in 2019?


Good to hear, you’re welcome. We’ve been picking a few CC’s every day, they might have been our first to produce, so you should get some this season.

Fair warning tho, I don’t know if a 3gal pot will be big enough, they are very vigorous growers. I’ve given up trying to stake my monsters up, they just sprawl everywhere. And they’re about 5-6ft tall. I’ll have to post some pics of my tomato jungle, in some places there’s no room to walk through anymore. I weeded for two hours last week, and got maybe half of it cleared out, what a mess.


Well, rabbits ate most of my Early Girl…I got about 5 or 6 tomatoes. So, I went to potted plants where I don’t think the rabbits will get them. Have grown and ripened tomatoes in 3 gallon containers before, so I realize that crowds the roots and restricts them. But, they will bear at least a partial crop.
And, 5 or 10 gallon continers are preferable. (I may or may not get around to up-sizing the 3’s as the plants start producing.)


Do they eat the plant and the fruit? I’ve seen them in our patch, but they leave my plants alone, unless there’s fruit on the ground because of downed branches, so they might nibble on those.

We put a tomato plant in a 5 gallon pot, it started out well, got to about 4ft tall. But we had a storm blow it over and it’s struggled since then, started getting diseased. It’s set a few fruit but it’s probably not going to last much longer.


I visited the little patch today…scared up a 'wabbit in doing so. They ate all the tops out of the tomato plants. (Could be deer, but seeing as the rabbit nested nearby, I thank 'wabbit!)

Had one yellow cherry tomato…should be 5 feet or more indeterminate…instead six inches tall with about 5 yellow little tomatoes right at the top of the foliage. The critter didn’t eat the actual tomatoes that DID form!


Some Jaune Flammé I picked today, these plants are really producing well. The color is closer to orange than what the picture shows. Size is averaging about golf ball size. Flavor is more tart than sweet, not my favorite but still good.


Harvested these today 08-01-19 about 15 Pounds. It look like this year will be a great year for Tomatoes :sunglasses:.


What a nice array of different tomatoes ! The pictures look like something a seed catalog would love to use next year :slightly_smiling_face:


My wife picked a few tomatoes this evening for supper. She picked three large (about a pound) RED beefsteak types. The taste was prob the sweetest I’ve tasted this year of any of our toms. They were also very dense fruits, not a lot of liquidy parts. So, very good tomatoes, hopefully we’ll get more to try.

Ok, here’s the issue. When I sowed these seedlings into plastic cups, I wrote down the variety on the cup. These are supposed to be Dr Wyche Yellow tomatoes. Yes, yellow. My understanding and observation is that yellow toms turn from green to light yellow, and then dark yellow or gold, like our Jaune Flammé, and Orange KY beefsteak. They never transition from green to red to yellow. I could be wrong, but I think this is correct. Maybe @Fusion_power could comment?

So, I obviously have labelled this variety wrong. But, what it really is, I don’t know, which is a pity, because these are really good tomatoes. I have tried to grow over 50 different varieties, and am trying to remember which one this is.

Maybe it’s one of the new varieties that I’m trying this year. They are- Sister Miriam, German Strawberry, nope, can’t be those, as these are both oxhearts. Hillbilly, nope, it’s a striped variety. Azoychka, nope, a yellow beefsteak. Better Boy, maybe, but haven’t sampled any of these from three other plants yet.

The only new one left it could be is Omar’s Lebanese, which is supposed to be a huge red beefsteak, like between 1-2 lbs. Aye, but here’s another conundrum. I have two OL plants (at least labelled as such), and the fruit on these plants are small, red beefsteak types, nothing close to the advertised OL, or to these mystery fruits. So…

I’ll post some pics of the fruit, so maybe someone could possibly identify them. The plant has regular leaves, not potato like with Watermelon and Brandywine’s, and is between 6-7ft tall, with thick stalks.


Very nice. I agree, because of the warm and abnormallly dry weather we’ve had, it’s been our best year for tomatoes. The fruit is richer tasting, and the plants are doing better disease wise now in early August compared to previous years.


Omar’s Lebanese is pink, not red. It is a very large and delicious tomato.

I wrote up the genetic sequence for tomato ripening a few years ago and published it on another forum. The short version is that the ripening sequence in a tomato can be interrupted at various stages from phytoene to lycopene to beta-carotene. The color sequence is green, yellow, tangerine, red, and then orange. Tangerine and orange are entirely different colors. Kelloggs Breakfast is an example of tangerine. Jaune Flamme is an example of beta-carotene orange.

As for your good flavored tomato, save seed and see if it grows true to type.

There are two possibilities for getting red fruit. The first is a seed mix-up. If that is the case, then it will produce the same next year. On the other hand, if it was a bee made cross with pollen from a red tomato on Dr. Wyche’s Yellow, the resulting fruit would be red because the genes from the red pollen parent would provide a biopath for production of lycopene. I’ve had dozens of bee made hybrids over the years and most of the time they taste a LOT better than either parent. The seed from a cross will be variable which in this case means about 3/4 of them would produce red fruit and the rest yellow.

We tomato growers segregate into 4 types according to the taste of the tomatoes we like. They are sweet, rich, balanced, and tart. Jaune Flamme and Green Zebra are examples of tart tomatoes. Balanced tomatoes include Brandywine, Omar’s Lebanese, and Crnkovic Yugoslavian. Rich tomatoes include Rutgers, Druzba, and Box Car Willie. Sweet tomatoes include Momotaro and Hibor.


Has anyone else experienced a significant amount of cracking with Azoychka? I’ve had very few tomatoes crack at all this year, except for Azoychka, on which every tomato it has has major cracking. There’s no differences in watering, location, etc. from the other tomatoes.


I have one plant of Azoychka, so not a lot of samples, but mine haven’t been cracking. But, we haven’t had a lot of rain this summer either.


Helsing Junction Blues, my first tomato to begin to color up:


Biggest one I’ve gotten this year, oxheart variety Gemini. Used to be sold by Baker creek. Pink with Green shoulders, tasty and reliable.

Opalkas, the only tomatoes to get blossom end rot in my garden, out of ten or so varieties.

Wellington, a new one for me.

Saucy lady. These plants have stayed two feet tall all season. Compact enough that I’ll probably put them in the front yard next year.


Sorry to hear the bunnies got your Early Girl.

I got a plant free from the store or I would not have bought it. But here it is doing well.


More photos of Early Girl in Vancouver, Washington


Another good harvest. Tomatoes are producing great this year.


@Naeem how many plants are you growing?


@ Ahouse422 I have 24 plants 16 in ground and 8 in pots.


All I can say is BLTs, Spaghetti sauce, and Salsas…