What type of melon is this? Chinese Grocery


Never saw a melon like this one from the Chinese grocery I purchased yesterday. Can I grow it and does anyone know what it is or what it’s used for? It’s not sweet like you would think or pleasant nor unpleasant. I suspect the use is something other than I’m familiar with. So you might ask yourself why would I want to grow them and it’s because that chunk of melon your seeing is around $5 and they buy them from someone which sounds profitable.


Looks more like a gourd than a melon. I bet you make savory rather than sweet things out of it.


Think your right and it may be a wax gourd. Thanks for the information. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wax_gourd


You can even find the seeds in Chinese grocery they often have wall hangers full of seeds.


it is a wax melon, supposed to be good for stomach lining

good with ginger and soy sauce in chicken broth

very easy to grow, don’t eat rind

i imagine since it is easy to grow and gets quite large it is a food staple and provides sustinence to many

i plant seeds beginning of april in zone 7


I make soups out of this…add ginger to it, top it with scallion and cilantro.


It is called a Winter Melon


I made cantaloupe wine, it tasted like Wax melon drink. I added to much acid trying too sprite up the wine and it ended up going down the drain.


Around here we call it Winter Melon, too. The good ones have a thicker flesh to seeds ratio. Due to the flesh’s ability to absorb flavor, it is used as a veggie in dishes with liquid suh as in soup or curry.

It can be stored for months, over the winter.


.69c per pound in NJ


I have some seeds available if anybody wants some just send me a pm with your address and i’ll get them out to you asap


We called this 冬瓜 Winter Melon in China.