What Type of Raspberry?

Those are the unknown raspberry I planted last spring. By late fall, they sent out some fruit clusters, but too late to ripen. All of them are just a single cane, about 4’ tall.

Are they the fall bearing type? Like Heritage? Since I did not know, I chose to keep the canes just in case I make a mistake.

I also have Heritage and Prelude. Want to compare them.


My guess is they will produce a spring and fall crop. I say that because many do nowadays not because of any obscure way I have to identify the type. The canes do look alive and ready to bloom in the spring.

All the canes are pruned, I just cut off the dry fruit at the tips.

I guess, because the plants had to build roots, so not enough energy to push the fruits. Otherwise, there would have been a fall crop.

If so, this could be the most common Heritage. My friend bought from the big box store.

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Those look like black raspberry canes .The canes look purple . So if they had fruit in the fall it could be you have a long season or they are Niwot . Could possibly be a purple raspberry but not Brandywine or Royalty as I have those and the canes are like red raspberry .

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