What unusual vegetables should I grow that I've never heard of?


No need to buy seeds. I can send you some seeds in the fall. Lovage dies back in winter and regrow in spring in my area. The root is edible, also a type of herb medicine but I have never try to eat it. Just don’t know how to cook it


I pulled two lovage plants this year. I didn’t realize they got so big. So be prepared, give it a spot where it can be 6’ tall and 4’ wide! I started with one plant and it seeded itself a few places around my garden. It’s so strongly flavored, i hardly even need one plant. They make big umbelliferous flowers that attract all kind of beneficials, but mostly wasps, here. I keep it for that reason mainly as i havent found a cullinary use that i love it in. I will try it with fish as was mentioned above- thats a new one for me.


Lovage has a big tap root that looks like burdock. I havent tried it yet but it is substantial!


put fish on top if a bed of lovage then steam it. Very nice aroma


Bitter vegetables. ( Easy to find in Korean grocery stores )


I did not know this plant is edible @Vincent_8B It grows wild in my backyard and I keep trying to rip it out.


No need to buy, i have whole bunch in my backyard. It takes up space.yes it’s edible but I have never wanted to try to eat it


Yes it’s edible and has yellow flowers make sure it the right one . It’s very tasty vegetables.


How do you cook this plant?


What is the name of that plant ?


I think this is it, have it in my yard also.

Just tried some. Very similar to purslane.


Stir fry, make soup or eating fresh as salads.


I forgot. Will look it up in grocery store.


Stir fry Elephant garlic flowers.


I was just going to offer seeds as well.

Mine tops out at 10+ feet. I have a second plant that I should have torn out last year. It will be going this summer at some time.

We like lovage in chicken stock, but I don’t leave it in there too long. It is a potent scent/flavor. My kids want me to mention that they like using it as a stray in lemonade.

I find that the fruits are a refreshing little snack when I’m in the garden.



Is this the same plant?


Yes . So you make sure identify correctly the same plant before use it as foods Annie.


Thanks Vincent. I was told this is edible too and I also have plenty in my yard.


Looking pretty but not the same plant . If you know the name it really helpful Annie.


Apparently most sedums are edible, but the yellow flowered types can cause stomach upset when eaten in large quantity.

I think the other one is https://plants.ces.ncsu.edu/plants/all/sedum-kamtschaticum/