What up with my Winesap?

My red Winesap on mm106 is having some issues. I bought it at the same time as a liberty apple tree and that thing has taken off. This is a photo of the leaves from last fall and its exhibiting the same patterning this year. The tree hasn’t really grown much over the last two season. It looks like an iron deficiency but I added a little planttone this year to see if it would help and nothing changed. I did not fertilize before this spring. The only thing I can think of that could cause this was drought stress the first season I planted the tree. I bought them July of '20 and I forgot to water this tree for a week during a pretty bad drought. I lost a few limbs during but was encourage when the tree bounced back and flowered and leafed out the next season. I would love any ideas to what’s up. Should I replace it?

my guess would be Iron Chlorosis. Get some Chelated Iron.

Hope this link works. :slight_smile:

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Planttone is mostly (Potassium & Magnesium) Sulfate & actually it unchelates Iron.
Sulfate ion exchanges with chelate Iron becoming Iron Sulfate.
Iron Sulfate then Iron Exchanges with Calcium Carbonate.
You get Calcium Sulfate & Iron Carbonate, then Iron Carbonate breaks down in 30 seconds to 15 minutes depending upon temperature & CO2 bubbles out of solution & you get Ferric Oxide which precipitates.
Planet Earth is 35% Iron.
And yet this is Iron deficiency, because the Iron is not water soluble.
Use Iron-EDDHA & Citric Acid 3.2pH.
About (1/4) teaspoon of Iron-EDDHA & 1 teaspoon Citric Acid.
Then water heavy!
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Kindly with all do respect.
It’s not Iron chelate.
It’s Iron Sulfate with chelating chemicals added.
And a rather cheap ineffective chelate at that.
This type of Iron product actually makes Apple more sensitive to gram-negative bacterial infection like canker & bacterial leaf spot.
As well as Erwinia amylovora aka Fire Blight.
Ferric Oxide has been identified as a quorum sensing function trigger for gram-negative invasive plant diseases.
I recommend Iron-EDDHA & Citric Acid.
“Quorum Sensing” is a new field of (pathology & symbiosis) in which chemical communications between microbes is studied in which microbes decide as a group to do a specific activity.
In this case Erwinia amylovora would transition from benign to invasive due to Ferric Oxide availability.

@greyphase and @ZinHead Thanks for the suggestions and info. I figured out last night its not a nutrient deficiency, it was root rot. Idk how I went almost a full season without catching it.

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Very Sad.
Thanks for your appreciation.