What variety of blueberry is this?

Hi. The variety was bought as Pink Lemonade, but it turned out not to be him. The berries were light pink for a long time, then they become cherry-colored, then they became the color of ordinary blueberries, but darker. What is this variety?

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I am not sure what variety that would be specifically, but for reference here is what the leaves look like on my Pink Lemonade Blueberries. They are noticeably narrower than on your bush

Do the berries get direct sun? I have noticed on some blueberries they will get a blush of color during developing if the berries get direct sun that can sometimes be pinkish


Direct sun approximately 8 hours per day

Then I would venture to guess that the red colors you’ve been seeing are a stage of ripening on a not-pink-lemonade blueberry

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I have 9 other northern varieties, but this one is different from them. The leaves are wide and the berries stay pink longer before turning blue. Is it possible to determine what kind it is?

My Pink Lemonade also has narrow leaves like yours.