What veggie is this?

A friend gave me this veggie. He said it is some kind of wild onions and that it is edible. That said he has not eaten it himself but gave it to me to try (some kind of friend :laughing:).

Before I try it, I want to know what is really is.


It’s a wild garlic/onion. We used to yank them up when I was a kid. All the allium family are at least edible (not necessarily palatable!), and if they smell like onion they won’t hurt you.


Looks like wild leeks/ramps. They’re really good.


We have checked and compared with several pics from the web, too. Nothing conclusive. Some said it tasted good. Others said don‘t touch it.

What does it smell like when you cut/break it? Ramps will have a pronounced garlic smell.

seems to be too big for ramps.

The plants look like scallions. I crushed the leaves and smelled it. Not very strong smell. If I were to say onion or garlic, I’d say it smells more like garlic but very fainted smell.

It looks like garlic green which tastes good if saute with meat

Look like garlic onions. I had them and they spread like wildfire! The seed pods burst. Used them rarely.

Thank you everyone who responded. I crushed the leaves to smell it again. I still have a hard time deciding if it smelled like garlic or onion!!

@IL847, It reminds me of Chinese chives but Chinese chives have narrower, softer leaves and a stronger smell (pungent). I love Chinese chives.

@mrsg47, “spread like wildfire”. You are so right. They are everywhere in my friend’s garden. I’d rather not plant them.

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They look like garlic chives to me. They show up in my garden occasionally. I find the leaves attractive but rather tough and not particularly tasty so just weed them out (I have more than plenty of regular chives). Wild leeks/ramps have wide leaves and have very strong smell and flavor (at least ours do). Sue

I would say it is immature garlic. We eat it all spring long :smile:

It is not Chinese chives, or garlic chives. It is garlic

My friend, who gave me these plants, grows garlics. I think he would know if these are garlics. They grow in clumps everywhere in one section of his large permaculture garden. I did plant some in my yard ad will see if they would develop any larger bulbs.

Galina, I have them. I could drop some off at your house so you could tell me what they really are.

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Yep !

My Chinese friend said it was garlic chives and promptly asked for some to plant in her garden.

I stir-fried the green leaves. It had mild garlic taste when cooked. To me, it tasted fine since I am used to eating Chinse chives, scallions, etc.

I decided to plant them. The friend who gave them to me has tons of them. I can ask for more if these do not survive.

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Ok, sure!

The ones I have are in bad shape after 6 days in a container with water. When I visited my friend again, I will ask for more to give you. He has tons.

No need, thanks, we have plenty and pull it as we need it. If you do not dig up your garlic when ready, this is what you get. We eat it raw with salt and rye bread