What veggies are you planting out in 2018?

I know it’s getting kinda late to plant veggies out this year, but we’ve had a very odd year weather wise, and have really got behind. But, better late than never.

What did you plant out or are still planning to put in the garden this year?

As I mentioned in other threads we have finished planting potatoes, tomatoes, and peppers. We also planted Stonehead, Bravo and Late Dutch cabbages.

This afternoon we sowed seed for:

Sweet corn: Honey Select, Ambrosia and Kandy Korn
Cucumbers: SMR58, Straight Eight
Beans: White and Striped Half-runners, Rattlesnake pole beans
Purple Okra, and Cauliflower.

Next week well plant some zucchini, pumpkins, and maybe some watermelons.

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Cucumber, zucchini, kabocha squash, different kinds of peppers, different cultivars of eggplants, various heirloom tomatoes, bitter melon, different kinds of beans, kale, okra, ginger, beets, basil, cilantro, sage, amaranths, garlic, onions, apples

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I harvested (and canned) beets, potatoes and celery. That made room for bush beans which I planted yesterday. About to pull garlic and onions should finish in about 2 weeks and another variey of bush beans will go in there. Growing til the end of the season are yacon, lots of peppers (last year was a very poor harvest, so maybe I over did it this year), sweet potato (just 1 plant), tomatoes (most of them grafted), cukes, ginger, turmeric. This is the year to grow and dry paprika. I’ve been experimenting with cabbage and not only is it very hardy in our winters but can take the heat of our summers so I try to tuck in a few plants in empty spaces all year 'round. First year growing ground cherry - had room for 2 plants. Some carrots are about ready to pull. Tried parsnips 2X with no germination success so I’m experimenting with pre sprouting.
A couple weeks after the summer solstice I’ll start some of the fall winter crops and continue seeding them through September. This is very challenging because the pest pressure is huge and the plants are so small that they can dissapear overnight…well almost. :blush:


Love everything you’re doing … including not giving up!

BTW … As you probably know, Paprika (the pepper) is simply generic Cayenne. It is the drying and preparation as condiments (sweet, hot, goulash creme, etc.) that sets it apart.

For example:

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Right. Store bought paprika has been kinda disappointing. Once I grew and dried my own, I was hooked. It adds a wonderful smoky flavor. I feel the same way about my curry leaf plants. I infuse it into olive oil and it preserves well that way and adds a wonderful flavor to various dishes. I even use some in my home made mayo.

Oh that sounds wonderful!

Did garden inspections this morning. We have about 65 corn, 45 bean, 28 cucumbers, and 16 okra sprouts in one patch, which was all planted last Friday.

Our 20 cabbages are doing great, they’re in a patch that’s unprotected from deer. I’ve heard from locals that they don’t mess with such plants. We’ll see.

The tomato/pepper patch looks good, sure glad I got them tied to their stakes and mulched on Tuesday. We’ve had about half an inch of rain since then.

The potatoes, or what wasn’t washed away are looking good, lots of green growth. And the peppers next to them have went from yellow to mostly green, so guess they’ve recovered from transplant shock.

I’ll post some pics later.

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Ok, just got in from getting some pix.

Corn and bean sprouts

Some potatoes

Bell pepper

Cabbage patch looking good, needs some weeding