What wild plants do you collect?


Thanks, just made my first fruit leather. Wild plums aren’t ready so I used apple, rhubarb and cherry. Turned out great!


Hey that’s cool Katie! Good job! :+1:
I am looking forward to making some fruit leather this year too! I have some Concord grapes to juice tomorrow. I think I will save the pulp and run it through the food mill to remove skins and seeds. Then I can freeze it until more grapes are ready, or maybe I will do a blend later with apples, plums, blackberries, etc.


Currently in croatia on vacation, where i have foraged probably close to 2 pounds of wild figs…they also have black elder fruiting


Poke? Polk?
Either way, excellent mixed with other wild ‘greens’ foraged in the springtime.
(And I will deep fry poke stalks so long as they are young and tender, no matter the time of year…fried Okra, anyone?)

That experiment with poke berry wine…well, it was weak and turned to “poke berry vinegar”…but I still had a small sample of it and lived to tell.


i treasure the wild mint i’ve moved to my garden.
i’ne grown all sorts of cultivated mints, which are ok for some culinary uses.
only wild mint makes great tea.
people don’t like it back east because its invasive in rainy areas.
you have to block it off, like horseradish if you don’t want it to spread.


Just an addition: We live not terribly far from a Spring Creek without number of feeders. Today we picked watercress for soup, And wild mint for really, really good fresh mojitos from an ankle-deep stream…