What wild plants do you collect?


I had a nice ‘mess’ of poke stalks … battered and deep fried. More tasty than the fish I had for supper on Tuesday.


ugh…a word to the wise (or unwise) eating garlic mustard: BITTER

I took young leaves, from plants that were young second-year. It ws AT LEAST as bitter as commercial dandelion, but I didn’t pre-boil and ate as a straight, wilted-in-olive-oil green…that’s a pretty strong flavor. If you aren’t into super-bitter greens, I would recommend boiling in a change or two of water, sauteeing with something very fatty and flavored, like bacon, or adding, somewhat sparingly, to other items/dishes, like a meatloaf or pot-sticker, a salad, etc…


Coated it in thin pancake batter


I did the same thing here last night Derby42. You’re right, it’s half organic, half deep fried heaven. Glad to see this discussion on foraging!


I had never eaten them that way before but I heard a couple of guys talking about it at work and I thought I would have to try it .


Does it taste good?


Yes , I liked it , the first taste is the green vegetable of the base of the flower then the yellow part just melts in your mouth and tastes of fried batter with a hint of sweet


I made a batch. Not bad, it’s on the soft side, I’d like it more crispy. I will try using tempura batter next time


Did you wet the batter first? Mine looked like little pancake dumplings and you couldn’t see the dandelion at all


Yes.I don’t want too much batter and made it really thin


I fried a batch for lunch


I collect bamboo shots and wild aspargus… th bamboo shots start yesterday and will be a ton everyday for a month at least…
We eat them raw on juice or cooked with other vegetables or on soup. We love them!


Bamboo shoots are delicious! Im looking for cold hardy edibles for this location and so far there is pecious little on cold hardy edible bamboo. There is tons of information on edible bamboo and cold hardy bamboo but not much combined. What information i did find i could not find plants for sale. The plants you would not think are edible and people eat . I foundcthis link very interesting https://www.bamboo-inspiration.com/bamboo-species-edible.html


I grow cold hardy ebible bamboo outside. Let me know if you want some roots.


What cultivar? Is it clumping or running? Do you happen to have pics?


I would love some!


Clump bamboo usually are not edible. Mine is Phyllostachys xxx


Ok. After this cold weather pass, I will dig some up


Thank you very much!


I have two diferent species and i eat both. I don’t know what species they are, but i eat them from several years now and i’m alive and well so… :grin: