What wild plants do you collect?


Some bamboo shoots aren’t taste as good as others, some taste bitter, also, if you didn’t cook properly, you might develop kidney stone if consumed in large quantities


The ones i have are not bitter, because we consume them mostly raw on morning juice. And i only eat them on this time… i start to harvest them as a way to controle it… it is very complicated to have them contained, so i take all the shoots i see.




I heard a lot of people foraging for common burdock, since it spreads easily and grows fast.

Tastefulness rating for bamboo by species.

Cross-reference with cold hardy bamboo list.

Looks like nuda is probably the ideal candidate.



Cold hardiness trial at Chicago Botanical Garden.

Nuda and bissettii are standouts.

Given that nuda seems better regarded for its taste than bissettii, it looks like nuda still would be the preferred choice for hardiness and or taste.


japanese knotweed is a invasive here and i heard the shoots are good. cousin to bamboo.


another couple weeks and the fiddleheads will be out. my favorite green by far. sauteed in butter ,olive oil , and fresh garlic. its the bomb!


Bamboo shoots season is starting!


Is that p nuda? How does it look after the winter and how tall does it actually get?


I don’t know the species… it gets very tall! It takes winter very well…


Hah…i was asking annie, as we are only a hundred miles apart if that, and in the same zone.

Although i would NOT mind being a hundred miles from Portugal…


I’m sorry, i thought you are talking to me… :sweat_smile:


It is either P. Nuda or P. Bessitii. I bought both but only one survived so I can’t tell which one I have right now. How ever I do have another type called black bamboo that is pretty hardy and grow outside. Since the black bamboo was given by a friend so I don’t know which cultivar it is. This is what look like in early Feb. But the leafs turn brown right now due to cold spring temperature. Some brown leaf will continue grow new leafs but I just cut the stems down to support the peas


I picked some dandelions for juicing with lemon and honey yesterday. But I also added equal amounts of thistle shoots (I believe it is Canada thistle). The thorns stay in the pulp and the juice is non-bitter until June.


So I’m thinking by the look of it that those get around 8 feet tall and less than an inch thick at the base, is that accurate?


It can grow up to 8’, maybe10’ tall and can be thicker than a thumb if it is established.
In the South, it can grow very tall with big bamboo shoots. The northern harsh winter and grow conditions made bamboo small


It’s interesting there were clumps of what I’m pretty sure had to be P nuda All over around Ann Arbor, I guess that little bit of Lake affect makes a big difference because a lot of them had to be 20 feet tall also


I recall P. Nuda is not clump bamboo. Clump bamboo is hardier
However, Michigan bamboo actually is Japanese knotweed


I planted nuda at my former place. Yes, the shoots are good, and it is the standard for cold climates. It is a running bamboo. I planted one in, I think, 1997. I last saw it in, I think, 2010, and it had covered an area of 2000 sq ft, with the canes going from the initial 5ft to about 12ft. In the South it would grow to 15.