What wild plants do you collect?


When I say clumps I’m talking about large expenses maybe two or three Car lengths along the outside of fences and things like that, I could absolutely be wrong but with the size I’m pretty sure it was actual P nuda…And arbor is like zone six because of Lake Michigan though I’m pretty sure. If it’s knotweed that stuff is a monster


a detail about nuda. In Michigan, the canes will die to the ground in a cold winter and start over next year, but in a warm winter they survive. It is after warm winters that this bamboo makes its best gains in height. Once a new height is obtained, it is never lost.


I picked some false solomon seal to go with steehead trout for the fresh local part of dinner. I pick them every year for the couple of weeks their good! Hard to beat for the tast this early in the season (they’re nice sweat and earthy not bitter like dandilions)


Yam berries… not wild, at least for now! :blush:


picked 3 5 gal. pails of fiddleheads last weekend. awesome sautéed with garlic and bacon. planted 12 ramps in a shaded area under my trees. hopefully they take.


I am scared of those, because I am very allergic to ferns. Do you suppose if I ate one I would be allergic to it too, or just spores?


I have this ferns. Is its fiddleheads edible ?


Those look like Ostrich ferns . Yes the fiddleheads of Ostrich ferns are edible . Those are past eating stage .


i started a patch in my yard but its going to be awhile before they are established enough to harvest from. besides they are sold everywhere here this time of year.


You are lucky.I have never had fresh fiddleheads. I only had the salted and begged one that sold in Japanese or Korean stores


my favorite green by far. this time of year the restaurants in the area make all kinds of dishes with them. one makes a fiddlehead soup which is to die for! i liked them sautéed in olive oil and butter with 3 chopped cloves of garlic. its a perfect side to grilled salmon. :wink:


Dandelions, violets, BlackBerry leafs (and berries of course), wood sorrel, black caps, raspberries, elderberry, hickory nuts, blueberries, mulberries, monarda for Oswego tea, partridge berries, black cherry, spice bush leaves for tea, berries for spice and wild onion.


I use garlic mustard to make pesto. Its not a salad green


my grandmother loved dandelions. she would cook them with salt pork. all the dandelions i pull in the yard go to the chickens. they go nuts for them… i even put a patch of french dandelions I’m growing from seed, near their coop. they grow even bigger / less bitter leaves than our common dandelion. I’m going to harvest and cook some myself to compare to the reg. ones.


Leaving for home after a business trip in san francisco, i didnt cook but wild fennel is incredibly abundant


Wow, Canadian thistle is good for something. Who knew?