What would you do?

i noticed about mid summer my vigorous 8ft. apricot has shothole disease. ive been vigilantly spraying it with several recommended fungicides but as most of you know, theres no cure for it. im worried it will spread to my other fruit trees. was thinking of cutting the whole top of next spring and grafting another 2 cold hardy scions to the trunk then spraying the whole thing with fungicide and dormant oil before they leaf out. do you think it would eliminate the shot hole disease? anyone do this before to get rid of a issue you couldnt cure? its near 3in caliper trunk so i would hate to get rid of the whole tree.


To me bacterial spot and a shot hole disease is the same thing.

I use Kocide (copper hydroxide) in early spring. It helps with this issue and Peach Leaf Curl, too.



I used fungicide I got from Lowe’s to cure shot hole in cherry laurels. It did the job.
Have not observed on fruit trees.

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i use a copper/ dormant oil mix. dont remember the brand but everything ive read treats the symtoms but doesnt cure it. from what ive seen it sounds about right. newer leaves were clean a few weeks ago but are now showing signs of infection. been spraying every 10 days since early may, rotating types of fungicides. its been very dry here so you would think with the fungicide control would be easy. not seeing that.

Bacteria are everywhere. When there is a right condition, they will grow and cause damage. I think it would be impossible to eliminate bacteria but at least, the problem they cause can be treated.

I have dine what the Cornell article stated. One spray at dormant has worked well. Copper hydroxide is very effective treatment, in my experience. I don’t need to spray during growing season. My trees are not 100 % clean but maybe, 80-90% clean for the most part.