What's a/some good Jujube variety/varieties?


Can someone recommend some mail order places to get Jujube trees? And which variety/varieties would you recommend for eating fresh?

Thanks much!


What zone are you in and where do you live?


I’m in Southern California…zone 9 (in the San Fernando Valley). It’s a very dry hot zone during the summer and fall. Winter rarely ever gets to freezing at night. A nearby area (but closer to the ocean), Santa Monica, has some trees in a garden I know of that I think are Li.


Check out this thread it has alot of explanations on peoples experiences with different varieties and jujubemulberry (Las vegas) and castanea (California) live in similar climates to you so i assume things that work for them should work and perform similar for you? Its also possible jujubemulberry sells them in addition to breeding?


sorry for the late reply, for some reason this didn’t show up on my inbox. Thanks for the vote of confidence @RichardRoundTree, and yes, have been half-randomly breeding jujus. What i meant by half-random is that i know the moms of the seedlings, but unsure of paternity…

i don’t intend to sell budwood, but do intend to give them away :slight_smile: I wish could give everyone who already likes jujus a juju tree, or maybe just budwood. In fact , i wish could give everyone a juju tree, regardless of whether one likes it or not!

unfortunately don’t have much juju materials to give away so usually just send out a lottery post saying first-three forumers to say ‘i want budwood’ or ‘i want juju seed/pits’ and each of them gets it free, as long as they’re based in usa