What's causing the Yellowing leaves on my crabapple?

Clark, check that tree out real close for stuff like collar (same as crown) rot, if you have not already done so. While it probably is heat and dry weather stress, I may have mislead you earlier. My experience with collar rot is that once its gets really started, it fatal to the tree.

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I have not seen anything unusual like that but I may give it a closer once over. The trunk is painted several feet up. This weekend I will dig down around the roots. Have not seen a disease like that here yet. Apple trees do have lots of problems wherever you grow them so I’m not ruling anything out. Thank you

You should not have to have to dig around the roots to see if it has it. Look right at the base of the tree at the soil level for any discoloration. If the ground its on has good drainage, its unlikely that its collar rot.

I tried to take a picture of a tree that I have that has it but the picture did not turn out well. I will try again tomorrow.

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Thank you I have not seen anything like that. We get just over 30 inches annual rainfall so we don’t have a lot of those problems typically. I know some bacterial and fungus infections are much worse in wet areas.

Here is pictures of collar rot and what it will do to a tree. I looked it up and we get about 53 inches annual rainfall so collar rot would be much more prevalent here. It is devastating.

Wow that stuff is terrible. Thankfully it’s not that but it could be something just as ominous. I’ll keep working on getting it figured out.

There are many here more knowledgable but, my impression is that its just a bad case of CAR.

Cedar apple rust is a possibility given the location. I’m not seeing spots though just yellowing. Typically cedar apple rust has orange spots and yellowing leaves.

Could be that some kind of mite hit the tree a couple weeks ago?

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I’m going to do some digging and find out what’s below. It’s a disease of some type but I’m not sure what type yet. Fungal disease would be my guess but why it did not respond to captan is the part I’m not understanding. .

Are you seeing many rotten apples on that tree? Those spots on the leaves could be Frogeye Leaf Spot.

Not many but I do get some so that’s a real possibility. I would think captan would clear that up though.

Probably just hot and dry weather stress. The tree looks over cropped so that would add to the stress.

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It’s a heavy bearing tree for sure. I considered black rot but the bark lacks lesions http://www.cafcs.wvu.edu/kearneysville/disease_month/diseasefocusocto.html