What's eating my baby fruit trees?

It’s some kind of insect. I thought I saw a very small, black, shiny beetle (about a quarter of the size of a Japanese beetle), but it flew away before I could catch it. But this is decimating a number of our newly grafted, and second year apple and pear trees. Any ideas? I’ve never seen anything like this. The holes in the leaf are lined with black, like this picture. And then the whole thing crisps up, like the picture I’ve posted in the first reply.


Here’s what a bad one looks like…

Maybe rose chafers

Thanks for the suggestion. The pictures didn’t at all match the glimpses I got, though. I saw another one this morning, but it eluded my ability to take a picture of it, or catch it.

Suggest you send pics to your county Ag extension agent, often they can recognize the symptoms and diagnose the best treatment

Great idea–I should have thought of that. Thanks.