What's growing inside your greenhouse?

Inside my greenhouse, I’m growing:

Asparagus, Beets, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Onions, Spanish Roja Garlic, and Strawberries.


Kale,Pineapple Guava,White Sapote and Chilean Guava

Last year’s grafted Flavor King and Emerald Beaut starting to grow

Mostly Blueberries on the floor–Mistake plant from FHN–very early bloomer

Fog propagation box



I’ve got poison ivy growing in mine. :smile:

Actually, it’s just a pop up spring house, but I saw those vines that crept in before they lost their leaves. I won’t be using it until I run out of space for starts in my large indoor tent. Then the bigger ones will go into the one outside.

This is transition time for me. It’s just about that time of year when the amount of sun we get is enough to start growing plants again (not much really happens in Dec-Jan). I’ve just about finished the smaller greenhouse cleanup, and put some rooted tomato cuttings from last years best plants in, and some newly started cukes. Once I finish the painting and caulking spinach and greens will go in on the S side in here.

The bigger GH is just winding down from last year. I will be harvesting the last of the tomatoes and peppers this weekend and pull those plants out (they are pretty scrawny by now, but kept producing thru the winter). Still have my potted citrus and some chard plants that are slowly going to the chickens as they have gotten too old and tough for us humans (we are spoiled :wink: ).

Things will really get in gear in the GHs in about a month. Then the newly planted greens should be ready for harvesting, and the summer crops of tomatoes, eggplants and peppers will be moving in to their new spots. As well as some grafted apple trees in pots, and many starts for the outside gardens.