What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


That can’t be good.


My trees did the same and many bloomed. It’s beef country here and you can sure tell it when you eat here! I ordered a burger at a local resteraunt since I’ve been doing outside work recently. If you don’t fall into a coma you can get a lot of work done with all those calories!!! Bring on the wood chip pile! I ate half and could not eat another bite!


What’s the thing on the fencepost?


I can really appreciate that burger right now. We are visiting in D.C now and food is ridiculosly expensive. I don’t know how they afford to live here. I’m from Philly area which is not middle of nowhere and somewhat expensive but nothing like this. You are paying top dollars for a teeny amount of food. So that burger looks really good to me and I bet it didn’t cost you an arm and a leg.


I was gonna make fun of you for not finishing, but looking closer it’s like two burgers and two orders of fries. I may even have difficulty finishing it off.


We got record 90 degree temps last week, so of course Anna apple does what is always does – bloom. Will pull these off and hope it goes back to sleep. A few feet away, my last Sundowner apple continues to hang on and is getting a little more color. Surprised it has lasted this long with our neighborhood squirrels (it’s bagged), but wanted to see if one would last until Christmas.

Even more oddly, Dapple Supreme Pluot (my other lowest chill fruit tree after Anna apple) hasn’t bloomed yet, but is pushing new leaves. It bloomed on Jan 1 last season and is just amazingly low chill. At least the weather is cooling off and hopefully we get some decent chill later this month.


@Susu ,
I think it cost just over $8. It is huge! You really should try it!
If your ever in Kansas let me know and if you can finish the dinner I will gladly buy it for you! Heck stop in and I will buy it for you regardless! If the burger doesn’t get you the fries will! We even have a resteraunt in a nearby town that they advertise they will buy you the burger if you can finish their burger! Nothing better than Kansas when your hungry!


Got a spray of copper and dormant oil on my trees. When my trees were really tiny I didn’t see what all the fuss was about spraying but now that they are growing up I feel everyone’s pain. Just seems like a lot of wasted spray is missing those limbs.


That much food for $8! Wow!


All our leaves are down now, tho the neighbor’s large oaks are still holding theirs

I tilled them into the vegetable garden as usual, tho I rented a mid-tine tiller instead of trying to get it done with the Mantis, which is really shot.

I’d buy one of those things if I thought I had more years of gardening still ahead of me


Those leaves sure help the soil. You never know how many years we have in this world but might as well enjoy them. If I were you I’d get my tiller. Got to treat yourself sometimes but I understand they sure are proud of those tillers. Some of the newer style tillers like you say are really nice!


I agree with everything Clark said!

I would just say also if price might be an issue, I have seen good used tillers on Craigslist for half the price. Depends where you live I guess-I live near a big city, in suburbia, but once you get outside of my county, it is very rural and there is a lot of farming. Possibly worth a look, anyway!


I’m a no till kind a guy. I don’t want to bust up the mycorrhiza network in the soil. I usually shred leaves, lay them on top and cover with compost or pine bark.


I agree with Drew about not tilling. I make my own compost by mixing leaves, food scraps, yard waste, and chicken manure and lay this out on top of the beds in the fall. I then cover the compost with leaves I have chopped up with my lawnmower. The asparagus bed gets a few applications of fresh chicken manure throughout the winter because it loves the high nitrogen.

I had a pile of two year old wood chips that had decomposed pretty well. I spread them around my fruit trees last weekend. Hope they like it.


I wish I had a regular compost pile, but here in suburbia I have no room, and it can be unsightly, hoping I can find a spot. usually I think a shrub, tree or compost pile? The former two usually win out. I also wish I had a source of manure besides bagged. I have my dog but everybody is against using dog poop. Chance of parasites, although my dog is wormed monthly with his heartworm meds (a dewormer is in with the heartworm preventative). I treat my dog because my last dog got heartworm, and it was totally my fault, then died of a heart attack. Years later, he was cured,(treatment cost $700.00), but his heart was still damaged.He was 12 years old, not bad for an Aussie. Still he would have lived longer if not for me not treating him for heartworm. Never again, my dogs are treated.

I have been doing this for 6 years now, and this week I have been prepping the soil I had blackberries in for honeyberries and serviceberries. The soil is super rich on top now, it’s working well. I noticed digging a hole to put my serviceberry plant in the ground. It’s raining now, which is good.


here is a long black spanish radish and a miyashige japanese daikon

they are both very good, but the greens are even better
i also believe hot radishes are best grown in spring (long black spanish radish) as they are more hot then
i haven’t tryed to grow the long black spanish radishes in the spring only the round ones but i have a hunch they would be hotter.

the greens are good cooked with a few tablespoons of soy sauce and sugar


Well, I got all four of the blueberries weeded and mulched a couple days ago. The weeds were shamefully high in the patch, but looks much better now. I pulled weeds next to the plants and then mowed the rest of the patch with the push mower. Added some fresh pine straw and put the cages back around them, and they should be ready for winter.

They have grown some, the Blueray plant is the tallest, at about 3 ft, with a couple tall canes. The other three are no more than a couple feet tall, but, they do look like they put on some growth since they were planted in May.

Today I got soil samples of all the major food plots and will be sending those to the county ag office for soil reports. We’ll see how the amendments of last winter and spring did to the plots.


was confused at your question then I realized this reply was for @zazlev who posted pictures just above my post.


Ah, that explains it


I do have a compost pile, and I till that in, too

Mixing the organic in with the soil encourages decomposition and keeps it from blowing/washing away