What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


The yearly going on/happening threads are just too long! We need to do it by season.

Not the Fall yet, but soon! I harvested Magnolia Berry Vine fruits. The five Flavor fruit, one of the 50 essential Chinese herbs. They need to be processed, I like making tea with them. I dry them after a week or so after harvest. I harvested them last year August 19th, I was busy this year, and just harvested them today. It is also known as Schisandra. I grow Eastern Prince. the only Cultivar that is self fertile. I’ll be making tea after this post. I like to add mint, which I grow too. It is used as a food and a medicine.
Here is what Web MD says about it…



Good idea, the seasons usually dictate what is going on in our gardens and orchards. It is early fall I bet for some, @northof53, you could probably have frost soon.


Picking Gala apples

Stanley plums are next

Fall peas will be ready to start picking tomorrow


Wow, they look nice. Harvested mine about a month ago - maybe a little early but some of the berries in the cluster seemed a little over ripe. This is my 1st harvest so not many. They’re going into my elderberry syrup (for the flu).


I started picking some watermelon and also got my first ever figs today. They were excellent and barely made it to the house and only one made it for pictures.


had frost here on mon. 31f. tom. night looks like it again! was 48f today! felt like snow!


You have to go over how you grow them, I want to try sometime.
Dale lives close to me, so his observations are valuable to me.

I have been eating figs a couple weeks now, I had breba a month ago.
I have not taken many photos, the stone fruit has kept me busy, lot’s of stone fruit this year. I have at least 300 more fruit on my trees yet.
My dehydrator is permanently on this time of year. I made some raisins to use with my wife’s Arugula salad. Einset grapes (from the garden), not the best grapes for raisins, OK, not great. Never did it before, so wanted to try.


Crap, I’d better check mine which haven’t colored at all. Just one more thing to check that I don’t have time to do yet.


chinese wax melon
these are more of a vegetable than fruit
they are great in soup

made from chicken broth
crystalized ginger
and soy

they are also good for the gatrointestinal tract

planted these in mid april tilled under a 3 foot by three foot patch of hairy vetch and fertilized with less than two cups plant tone,

just sprayed em with the how when i was watering other plants

and this is what i got

the first two are around 15 pounds each
and last one at 54 pounds


I was looking from a distance at one of the Callery Pear trees at work,that was grafted with some European varieties in the last couple of years.One fruit stood out because the thing was bigger than the pea sized stuff,that were normally produced.
After getting closer,I realized this was on a Harrow Sweet addition but didn’t notice any flowering during the Spring. Brady


Made sure labels were not chocking branches/trunks and but plastic spiral covers around the base of younger trees. I didn’t do that early enough last year and the voles made lunch out of a few of them.


Large persimmons tree downed by remnants of Harvey on a backcountry road. A couple ripe ones way up on top. Very sweet. Great snack. :+1:


That is very sad. Hopefully, the roots will re-sprout. You can also by a rootstock in the Spring and Cleft or Bark graft it to carry on its legacy.



Actually, with the changing weather patterns our first fall frost has moved at least by 2 weeks. When we moved here 30 years ago frost came quite often by the 3rd week in August, and for sure by the last week. Now, for the last 5 years we have had the first frost as late as the 2nd week in Sept. and even later. This has made a tremendous difference in the ability to grow later ripening varieties of melons, apples etc. because we are seeing the same trend in the spring.

I just picked my first ripened petite gris melon.


Those Chinese Wax melons look like you would need a donkey to carry it in! Lot’s of free food, cool!


Dapple Dandy and Flavor King pluots are firm ripe. Good already. The King is the small one and some as as large as the DD, a small one happened to fall off. I’m leaving them hang at least another week.


hey Drew those look good, i am getting a honey babe miniature peach in the spring and am putting it in a pot, i will let you know how it is doing over the years

also had a ginger gold apple today and am proud to say it is the best apple i’ve ever tried
it’s like a really ripe granny smith picked perfectly ripe without any of the bitterness a granny smith sometimes has
also it has a different appealing aftertaste, no slight to the granny smith as i will be growing that too but i have decided to add a ginger gold too

will post on the progress when the trees come in this fall


We are nearing the end of the second week of Sept. no frost yet. Just picked and tasted my first Sweet 16 apple, it was underdone by my standards but that is how my husband likes them and there was only one apple left that the critters didn’t steal. The flavour was lovely.


This is the one lone Flavor King this year,still hanging on the tree today and some Flavor Grenades.I’ve read that this isn’t Pluot country,but I tried a Grenade and at about 18 brix,the flavor was very good. Brady


That is supposed to be a good peach!

FG is supposed to be a good one for many zones. I added it this year as a graft. I can’t wait to try some! It may be a bit although it grew very well thiss year. I should get a taste next year.