What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


we had 2 light frosts but not enough to damage anything. its 15deg above normal this week. hit 80f yesterday!


I know, the weather is like a flipping yo yo. Just the possibility of frost tonight and Sat. and then no frost predicted for the next 2 weeks. In north central Sask. that is weird.


esp. for you guys! great for my everbearing raspberries tho. producing like crazy with no end in sight!


Today I found 6 Flavor King Pluots on the ground. The tree is telling me it’s time to harvest! For everyone I picked, two fell! Argh! I hate that! Perfectly ripe!
Dapple Dandy’s looked ready to me too. So I harvested all, FK is in the bowl, the rest are DD.

DD can get to a decent size too


Drew: perfect looking fruit! How do you like DApple Dandy? Today I bought dapple dandy from store and the label actually had the name printed on it. Don’t see that often. They were very sweet. Probably needed another day or two on the counter but still good. I decided to grow them. I can only imagine how home grown perfectly ripe fruit taste.


Not bad at all, it stays fairly firm when ripe, has a long shelf life, which is good! I counted 100 in that photo! No wow factor but a decent plum for sure. I added Dapple Jack this spring, looking forward to trying it one day.


One tree left to go - Fuji apple that should be ready in October

Time to water the trees for upcoming winter and next season

I always worry about the well going dry when we have a drought. It never does, the well guy says not to worry, but I do


It’s interesting how you harvest the entire tree in one day. I usually harvest a variety over a longer period of time; apricots’ ripening window is pretty narrow — 7-10 days, peaches — about two weeks, plums — even longer than that. I have a Howard Miracle plum tree that ripens fruit very gradually — I picked first plums from it on July 3 this year, and still get a few fruit from it every day. It will probably go on for a week or so (two and a half months total).


You must not have any squirrels!


Some are unripe and I was picking the early ones for two weeks. I wanted to use the net elsewhere too. Stone fruit will ripen some on the counter. I had some peaches become mealy while hanging too long so I would rather harvest early than late. The flavor king though was 98% ripe.


There are some ground squirrels here, although I keep their population under control by trapping. Birds would destroy everything, but I keep the trees netted.


Yes, many plums do, and peaches to some degree. Apricots don’t.


I find that they do - altho not to match a tree-ripened fruit


The ability to leave pluots on the tree is one of the things I really like about them. Last year most varieties I ate right off the tree for about a month or so for each variety. They just seem to get better and better


What is this? One of my peach trees looks spray painted black suddenly. Only the one tree in the middle of the yard.


Picking raspberries, blackberries and tomatoes! Excellent.


Several fruit and tomatoes are coming in.


I left a watermelon rind out yesterday. I had no idea how much butterflies love watermelon!!!


I got a few ripe figs today. This is an unknown variety. Some very ripe some just barely. I’m having an ant problem so I have picked them rather than lose them


Similar weather pattern change here in the CO rockies. Used to be 30+ years ago that if you did not have your snow tires on at the beginning of Sept you were just asking to get stuck in the first snow storm. Last few years, I’ve waited until Nov to put the snows on.

I don’t think this change can necessarily be counted on, every year. But it seems to be holding most years. I have been gambling with the weather, putting in some late season apples and other fruits that normally would not have stood a chance of ripening here years ago. But it seems that they might be viable now, just a couple more years until they are old enough to really test the theory…