What's happening today - 2018 edition

Have all the RC you want, not my favorite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. I’m not a big cola guy, though, except maybe Diet Dr Pepper. My wife is a big Diet Coke fan, I’ll drink it if I’m desperate.

I’ve always liked Mtn Dew, since I was a kid. Not many folks I know do. Now I just drink the diet version.

Since we’ve moved up here, I’ve become a big fan of Ale-8, I’m sure you’re aware of that beverage. For those who have a ? forming over your head, it’s the national pop of Kentucky, kind of a caffeinated version of ginger ale. Oddly, my wife, a KY girl, despises it.

A pic:


I drink the diet version of it. I just can’t drink a can of any regular sweetened pop, 40 grams of sugar?!? No thanks, that’s like 10 teaspoons. Although, I’m sure Aspartame or Sucralose probably ain’t too healthy either. Diet Ale-8 uses Sucralose, fwiw.

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It looked like a little ‘1’ after the 8,on the soft drink’s label and it actually is called Ale-8-One.
Here is a little story about how the name came to be. https://ale8one.com/history/
Is Roxa-Kola still sold there? Brady


Dude I hate that stuff. I’ve only ever had it in Kentucky but to me it taste caustic. They only people I’ve ever seen drink that are native Kentuckians which if I recall you are not. Obviously the place is wearing off on you. :slight_smile:

When I was a kid back in the early 80’s my mom didn’t drive and so when she wanted to go grocery shopping the entire family had to go with her as we were not old enough to stay home by ourselves. We all hated shopping so we would sit in the car with dad and play games and goof off. One day we parked in front of the grocery store right in front of a soda machine. We rarely drank pop and I begged dad to death to buy me one. I pulled the, “I’m going to die of thirst” trick. I think the machine was only 25 cents but remember dad not having any change in his pockets. I frantically looked in all of the cars nooks and crannies and under the seats and managed to find 25 cents! Coca Cola here I come. I slammed the coins in the machine and hit the Coke button. Down came a Tab or Diet Tab. I can’t remember. All I remember is that my heart was broken and it was one of the worst days of my life (the simpler times. lol) I begrudgingly opened the can because it was all I had. To my horror it was even worse than I expected. An absolute spitter! We laughed about it when we got home that night but to use my mom old phrase I had to “Like it or Lump it!”. I’ve never had Tab since.


We still have Tab!


That’s too funny! Tab is bland compared to coke.

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There are a few threads discussing various types of copper in detail. This is one of them.

What does copper do to fruit trees exactly? - #2 by VSOP.
By all accounts, copper hydroxide is the most effective one. Kocide 3000 by Dupont is the one I use.

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Since you can only buy that in 4# bags, it doesn’t seem worth it for a single tree.

Try chlorothalonil. Penn State recommends it. The common brand name is Daconil. It should work.

Desert King fig.


I didn’t cut the canes back on my Joane J raspberries and they are starting to ripen a modest early crop. Nowhere near what the canes produce in late summer/fall but good reminder of what’s to come.


Yes, good catch. The 1 is added on there to make it a play on the letters, so it comes out to “A Late One”, which I guess means its for help giving you a little caffeine kick at night if you need it.

I asked my wife about Roxa-Kola and she hadn’t heard of it, nor have I. What kind of pop is it?

Yeah, it’s different, but I like ginger ale, so I guess that’s why it appeals to me. My wife is of the same opinion, but she doesn’t like citrus-y or lemon-y type drinks. Like I said, I’m also a fan of Mountain Dew, but don’t care for Sprite.

Well, my wife is not technically a native Kentuckian, she was born and raised in Ohio, so maybe that’s why she hates it? Her parents are from this area, have been for many generations. But since she was born there and lived there for a few years, I call her a Buckeye, which she greatly bristles at.

No, I’m not a native, born and raised in OK. We didn’t have any local pops there. I just liked Mtn Dew more than any other pop. One of my favorite memories was getting a bottle of MD from the general store with my great grandfather when I would spend time with him in the summer.

We’ve had a friend of my wife from Texas come visit us, and she liked Ale-8 when she tried it, so I guess non natives can like it, too.

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I have it, never heard of it used for PLC. Better than just using more of the Bonide copper?

Here’s the excerpt "Disease management, chemical
Peach leaf curl is not difficult to control. A single fungicide (copper or chlorothalonil) application made in the fall after leaves have dropped or in spring before bud swell will control the disease. The spring application must be made before bud swell. Once the fungus enters the leaf, the disease cannot be controlled.

Here’s the link. https://extension.psu.edu/peach-disease-peach-leaf-curl.

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I notice she didn’t specify type of copper - suggesting that any type should work

But combining the two products ought to work even better, I’d think

Beautiful fruit!

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Last fall I found a half bottle of RTU chlorothalonil in my garage and sprayed it on my the NCSU peaches I have that were in their 1st leaf. I followed up with bonide copper hydroxysulfate (basic copper sulfate) this spring with Nu Film 17.

Zero peach leaf curl on those. I treated my Redhaven with fall and spring applications of the hydroxysulfate, but we moved so I can’t compare results.

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I just read the Ale-8 story you linked. According to their story, they stopped producing it in 1968.

I have been in Winchester, Ale-8’s home, many times. When we go to Reed Valley orchard, we exit I-64 there and head north to the orchard. I’ve never been to the bottling factory, though.

Just up the interstate from there, in Mt Sterling, is a candy store called Ruth Hunt, which specializes in chocolate confectionery. Oh my, is it good. The bourbon balls are so choice. The caramels, truffles and cream candy are very good too. If you’re a choco-holic, it’s the place to be. They also have a store in Lexington, altho I haven’t been there. You can actually order their candy online from their site:


A LATE ONE (a.k.a. Ale-8-one)……
yeah, if you like some caffeine when your have a giner ale…then give it a try.

I’ll buy an Ale 8 on rare occasions for lunch at a convenience store in Kentucky for Lunch.
I like it…but it has the same effect as coffee…makes you hyper and keeps you awake.
So I only do it for lunch once a month.

By the way, I can’t imagine why anyone would drink Mountain Dew…unless it’s the kind they make on ole Rocky Top!

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I guess I’m a double freak, I like them both! My wife bought me a 12 pack of Diet Ale-8 in cans, and I think it’s about gone, so time for some more.

I get a bit more of a buzz from Mtn Dew, I think it has more caffeine in it than most other pops. A8 isn’t too bad, especially compared to some coffee I drink. Coffee gives me a harsh buzz, don’t know why. I try not to drink too much of it, but it’s kinda hard not too have that cup o’ Joe, especially in the winter.

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It’s funny to hear POP again. I was raised in Ohio where that was the drink name. Here in the south it’s SODA. I used to say pop here and get that what the hell is that stare…